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    I’m sure this icon is not what you’d expect with the above subject, but I’m actually quite relieved. I’ve been writing in for support since the summer about my boss deciding on day 3 of my job that he doesn’t trust me, undermining my authority with patients, not allowing me to make decisions or write prescriptions, yelling at me for treating patients differently than he would, etc. I told him a few months ago that I was not going to quit, so I figured I was here until July, but last night he fired me! I’m so relieved! I’m expecting in a couple of months so he said that the best transition would be for me to just not come back from maternity leave (would look better for him and for me) and that he’ll work out a compensation package. Now I just have to find a new job, so if anyone hears of anything pediatric in Brooklyn…

    Thanks for all of your support!


    Believe me, I have had my own bad experience with a practice situation and so have other colleagues of mine. It seems that it’s par for the course these days that it may take a couple of experiences before you find the right one for you (or atleast the lesser of all evils!). It’s too bad that the practice of medicine has come to that but I have more than 10 years of the “real world” of seeing what has happened to many physicians. I have also learned through the 1990s that there is increasingly less job security and practice opportunities (especially on either coast) for primary care (of course that is not what I was led to believe in medical school!). One of my friends from internship finally found working in the VA the best environment after 3 other jobs in family practice. Go figure.

    I hope that you find another opportunity that will be better for you. I doubt you could do any worse! Congratulations on expecting your lil’ one! Hey, if you really wanted to make trouble for your former boss (but I *know* you’re not mean so I am mostly joking here…), you could try to find a lawyer to sue him for discrimination based on your pregnancy! You could drop the case but also take him for a scare! Like I said, I am just being jokingly revengeful here… !

    Happy Holidays and congrats on the baby arriving soon!
    edited to add: if he has been paying your malpractice insurance, make sure that your severance includes him paying for your tail coverage so that you are covered for after your departure. It is to his benefit to do so because it is his practice and you were simply an employee.


    Wow. I got fired too. I’ll tell my story in a future post; it is a long one. Regarding looking for a job: Hopefully you have met other physicians in your department who are on the same medical staff at your hospital. Go to medical staff meetings and department meetings and tell people that things weren’t working out in the practice you were in and that you are looking for a new position. Talk to the people that you already like. Don’t worry about how changing a practice situation looks. It is normal not to settle into the first practice situation for a lifetime. Besides, if the guy yelled at you, chances are he has yelled elsewhere. In looking at other practice opportunities, I have found that my impressions about people are very similar to those of my colleagues, and many will be sympathetic to your plight.

    In my case, my boss is hiding the fact that he fired me, and I am going around telling the truth. He fired someone who is very highly regarded in the community, and he will be the one who loses face because of it, not me. He also did not adequately consult others in his decision, so it looks like, and is, a personal vendetta. I am approaching powerful people in the hospital about this.

    Nevertheless, it’s scary looking for a job with a termination on my record, but I might also take the opportunity to start my own practice. I will decide in the next few weeks.


    WOW! I am sooo glad that I quit my job! The biggest mistake I made was not leaving sooner! I really should have not come back from maternity as things were not so great before- he was probably pushing me out- bounced and late paychecks- not being on call- severely reduced hours after maternity (not reinstating my eve and sun hrs) Open your own practice and let this guy grovel in your popularity! I love having my practice- and I don’t mind being there many hrs a wk b/c really its my place- I have my fridge my food my daughter’s toys her pack n play DSL internet my books my decorations my phone my handouts videos etc etc etc How could there be no jobs in Bklyn? I was shocked to see Lesicka and Woo as attendings! must be for the clinics where they speak the same language- they were the worst residents! — Pedi doc if you want to see my set up I’m not too far from PA — Yeah I realized in Residency that there is no job security anywhere when some of my favorite attendings were asked to leave since the clinic wasn’t “producing” that well. Don’t think its any better being a specialist- you would have to relocate to find a job except the fellowship is a definite “paying” job- interested in Ped cardio? I’ve seen openings in NJ- also Dev and behav. Do you know Zipporah Sklar? she did med. school resid and then fellowship w/ 9 children (last 2 twins born in med school?) I think she’s director of DB downstate- ?Steven Styler? very nice- getting busier lately maybe needs assoc. Lazar and B—? Preis? Too bad you don’t speak chinese I keep seeing openings in lower man. Put an ad in newspaper- do home visits- very popular! special CPT code or charge cash! newborns- strep tests- you know how hard it is to go out in Brooklyn- all you have to buy is malpractice, a nebulizer, tubing, albuterol, script pads- or not b/c you’ll call it in- your steth. otoscope, urinedips- anything more serious needs ER, lab work needs PCP f/u- you’re just for the small things– well good luck and BST


    As I’d followed your other entries, it’s interesting and unfortunate but not surprising to learn this is how it ends – I’m glad you’re feeling relief. So, because of the plan not to return after maternity leave, it won’t be documented as termination then?


    I don’t know exactly where this would be documented as termination. He is planning to tell people that I decided not to return after maternity leave, and recommended that I tell people the same. I will probably use that on interviews–just say that it wasn’t the right place for me, and this seemed like a good time to leave.


    I’m assuming you don’t have a restrictive covenant? Can you stay on staff at the same hospital? Can you keep your patients? Make sure you are covered.

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