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    Hello Ladies!
    I just wanted to share my good news. I got my first acceptance as a 2nd-degree undergrad at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. I’m very excited! I applied to 2 unofficial programs (ODU and University of North-Carolina–Greensboro) and 3 official post-bac programs (Johns Hopkins University, Goucher College, and Barry University). I haven’t heard back from the other 4 schools yet but I’m very excited to be in somewhere. I’ve been accepted for the Fall 2004 term at ODU although if they offer the classes I need in the summer term, I could start as early as June.

    For those who don’t know my story, I’m a 28-year-old working in publishing who has none of the science prereqs for medical school. I plan to quit my job next year and go to school FT…assuming I get the financial aid. That’s the next challenge. :yikes:



    Congrats Stacy, :yes:

    That is wonderful news!!

    Good luck

    Michelle 😀


    Yipeee! congratulations!! :hyper:


    By all means if you decide to attend ODU, make sure you get Dr.Stephens (if he’s still there) for Anatomy and PHysiology. The class is HARD AS HELL but I thought it was such a great preparation for graduate/medical school. In fact, I still have all of his old stuff, use some of it in my pathology class, and plan to use again in medical school (one day).


    Congrats! I dont get any grants, and cant afford to pay for school out of pocket (I have 6 kids) so Im having to take out loans. I did win some scholarships, but never covered even half my classes. But I am thankful. So I feel ya regarding the financial aid issue.
    I am 28 also, and the most challenging thing for me starting back is the fact that I am behind in math. In nursing we only needed algebra. To tell you the truth, math is abstract and I am soooo logical, math makes me anxious. Im doing good though, not too proud of my “B” on my second math test, but I guess I shouldn’t complain. I will try my very best and if that won’t get me an “A” then I guess it won’t necessarily keep me from med school.
    So how about you? What are your areas of concern starting back again?



    Congrats, Stacy!
    You’ll do great! 🙂


    Congrats Stacy! You must be psyched! Are you starting next Spring or summer? When are you going to sit for your MCATs?


    Urgent request!! Journalist working on a story today needs to talk to someone who is entering the medical profession from leaving another career. Please email with your contact info and a bit of background. The deadline is probably today so sorry for the short notice!



    Hey thanks everyone for getting back to me! I’m very excited.

    Actually, I have more good news: I just got accepted to University of North Carolina-Greensboro this weekend (also as a 2nd degree bachelor’s). Yeah!! So now that’s 2 schools I’ve been accepted to, but I don’t know where I’m going yet as I haven’t done FAFSA (financial aid form) yet or visited the campuses. I should be going to ODU in a few weeks, and I think I’m going to save UNCG until next year b/c I’ve burned up my leave at work.

    Dana, I struggle with math too! In fact, I’m currently taking PreCalc I at my local CC. I just had the second test, which I felt better about than the first but math has always been my weakest area. (I got a pathetic 68 🙁 on the first test but sadly, that was better than most of the class). I’m trying to take the math locally to prep for the sciences next year. I’ve been accepted for Fall 2004 at both schools and that’s probably when I’ll be starting.

    Someone else asked about the MCAT. I am nowhere near taking the MCAT. I’ll take that once I finish my science prereqs. If I start next fall, I could conceivable be done with prereqs as early as Dec. 2005 but it may be May 2006 depending on if I’m taking classes in the summer, which I will if they are offered during the summer.

    Sethina, Sorry I missed your annoucement re: the WSJ reporter. I hope he got his story. I need to check MomMD more frequently.


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