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    For those of you starting med school this year:
    When does it begin?

    I’ll be at OSUCOM and we have orientation starting Aug 12, white coat Aug 17, and classes begin Aug 19.


    Hey “fellow” new student osteopath! I’ll be starting at MSUCOM this Aug.

    Orientation starts Aug 15, white coat on Aug 23, and classes start on the 26th. I’m excited but, a little nervous, too. It probably sounds trivial or silly, but one of the things I’m worried about, is “sticking out” as an older student (I’m young-looking for my age, but at 43, there’s no mistaking me for a twenty-something!).

    I’ve been an older student for much of my college career..even in grad school, so it’s not like that part is new to me. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get past it, just as I have all the other hurdles I’ve surpassed to get to this point.

    Good luck to all the rest of you 1st years out there!


    I wouldn’t worry too much about sticking out. I am a 35 year old 1st year med student in Australia (we started in Feb), and the only time I feel as if I “stick out” is when I consciously think about the age difference. The rest of the time, you just feel the same as everyone else. I really think it is an advantage being older. You have so much more life experience, and can share that with others. We have a problem based learning course, which promotes a lot of discussion between students, and this really allows you to reflect on how much your thinking has changed since you left high school.
    Just enjoy the experience! These have been the best few months of my life, and I am really looking forward to the next 4 1/2 years of Med school. You will probably find that you are by no means the only mature-aged student in the group. I was surprised at just how many there are in my year. In the course in general at the moment there are a number in their forties and even fifties. So don’t dispair. ENJOY>


    Originally posted by DO2B:
    one of the things I’m worried about, is “sticking out” as an older student

    I can definitely relate. I have *chatted* with a number of future classmates and have found ~4 that are my age or older, one with kids. I’m sure there are some more.

    As opposed to you, I’ve always been the youngest in school and work. This will be quite a reversal for me!

    I do know, however, that I will make a much better med student now than I would have straight out of college.


    Enjoy it gals… you’ve earned it! And before you know it the grind will begin (like by week 2) and you will be caught up in the eddy of med school.

    I still get goosebumps when I remember my first day. We were all sitting in crowded lecture room and they had a formal (one time only) role call. We each stood as our names were called. It was very cool. Of course, there were people called that we never saw again for various reasons, but that day will always be special to me.



    Hey! Anyone going to UCSD in the fall???
    I’m afraid I’ll be the only mommy there.



    im now in my 4th year at COMP and must say that from my experience the older students did very well in school and were accepted and befriended by everyone. i have no doubt that it will be the same for you. congrats on choosing the osteopathic route–it is so rewarding. best of luck!!!


    Anyone else?


    Ugh! I’m basically down to 2 weeks of normal life left!

    *trying not to panic*


    Melissa, I know how you feel (” I’m trying not to panic”). I’m am really excited about starting in Aug, but I’m getting increasingly anxious, too. I’ve been reviewing biochem (to take a waiver exam) which has helped to keep my mind occupied, but I do have panicky moments, when I think…I’m going to have this amount of work/studying times 6 or so?! 😮 ….and how will I ever manage it? Anyway, I think that once we’re underway with our classes, we’ll be too busy to panic! 😉

    Enjoy your next couple weeks of freedom and good luck with school!



    I also feel excited/nervous/anxious- my school starts Aug. 26. I know it will be managable though because at least 15,000 matriculate into med school each year, if they can all do it so can we.


    I’m starting in just 9 days (August 16th) at the University of Wisconsin. I’m very excited, and have come to the realization that I’m not going to get my entire summer to-do list completed. Oh well. I’m just going to relax and spend time with my 4-year-old on. We’re going to Great America in a few days – he’s so excited!



    Wow!! This is my last weekday before orientation starts!!!


    I’m starting my 2nd year on Monday! So I’m not a new student, but all the excitement in here made me want to join ya! I really trudged through the 3 long months off, though my son and I did inject some really fun moments into it. But I need real stimulation….anybody here know what I mean? Since I seem to thrive on intense experiences, medical school is a great place to be…. I hope y’all enjoy the first year as much as I did….except biochem. It sucked.




    We may all be coming to you with our questions!! 😉 Hope you don’t mind!

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