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    You may feel free to come to me with questions….lol….IF you find you have time for hangin’ out on forums….lol. Seriously…you’ll have some time. I even worked last year and did fine, but with very little sleep. I’m quitting my job this year, and look forward to a little less stress this time around.



    A BIG congratulations to you all! I plan to apply in 06/03 but I wanted to read these postings….very inpirational I must say. I almost choked up and shed a tear. It is wonderful that you have all been accepted somewhere (my biggest fear is never getting into any med school). Can some of you please let me know approx. how many tries it took you to get in? You have all been blessed…go to your destiny!!!!!! 😀


    I just finished my second day of orientation, and have met several people who have tried at least twice…one woman is now starting after her fourth attempt! I was fortunate and got in on my first try. The thing to remember is if you really want it, don’t give up….but try to have some alternate plans in areas that will strengthen your application for future tries if you don’t get in right away.

    Good luck with your preparations1


    Oops! That 1 was supposed to be an !

    I also wanted to add (to all here) that out of my class of 126 students…I’ve only found one other person who has kids!(so far) There is a guy who has grey hair, but I didn’t want to be rude and ask his age….so I’m feeling a bit alone at 43 with three teenaged sons 🙁 Don’t get me wrong…we have a really nice group, and I’m interacting with alot of them (even recruiting players for my women’s soccer team! 😀 ) but I guess i was hoping for a couple of other moms (or dads) that I could connect with. Ah well, I guess the most important thing is that we all will have the common experience of going through med school together!

    Hope everyone else’s orientations (and first days) are going well.



    Orientation is over, and we start our FIRST DAY tomorrow!!! I am sooooo nervous that I don’t know what to do. I’m trying to calm down though. My husband and I are both starting NYCOM. Good luck everyone when school starts, and if the axe that is about to drop doesn’t cut my head off, I’ll continue to post. 😮 😀


    Congratulations on the start of your medical career to all of you who are starting this week, and GOOD LUCK! I think for most of us, accomplishments have come pretty easily. If we hadn’t always been able to do it all, then we probably wouldn’t have even considered medical school to begin with. That’s certainly the case for me anyway.

    Medical school has proven to be QUITE a challenge….but a challenge is what I was looking for. I found it. It is, bar none, the single most difficult thing I have done in my life, and I have had to work so hard to do well. I also have to say, though, that it is the most rewarding thing I have ever done.

    I remember my first week–last year–thinking as I looked over my reading assignments, “There is NO WAY I can do all of this!” Amazing…I DID all of that, and learned more in that one year than I probably learned in any 5 year period in school before. And because it’s so much and so intense, I made a rule for myself about half-way through the first semester… “Don’t get emotionally involved with your school work.” In other words….do everything you need to do for each and every class, but beyond that don’t sweat it.

    Just do the best you can do, and the rest will work itself out. Granted, that’s easier said than done, and I had to remind myself over and over, but I know that my little rule has helped to make medical school fun for me instead of a drag.

    When we started back this year, I was so pumped about it….many of my classmates weren’t. I’d hate to be going through all of this and not enjoying it. So….consider this a friendly tip….take medical school for what it is, and know that you can make it wonderful or horrible just by the way you think about it and by the degree that you let it stress you out.


    Just want to wish you all GOOD LUCK!!!!! Let us know how you get on!




    I just wanted to say “Right On!” I completely agree with you that life is what you make it, and you can choose to be excited and challenged or you can choose to be stressed out and full of dread.

    With your attitude, you’re going to be a great doc and one of the ones who never regrets her choice!

    Best of luck to you~


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