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    DO HopefulDO Hopeful

    Well, like most of you, I started classes this week. I’m only taking one, just to see how the scheduling will work out and how my girls will take to day care. I’m excited about taking my class (Intro to Chem), but both girls were up the past 2 nights sick . . . luckily no puking, but uncomfortable enough to wake them up in the middle of the night requiring me to put them back to sleep. I know their immune systems were vulnerable because we were completely out of our “eat/sleep routines” while we were on vacation last week. Now after a day at day care (I finally brought myself to drop them off), they’re both coughing and my little one’s got a fever. My husband is a pilot (full-time job) so he needs his sleep – which I understand lack of sleep is a safety issue. I don’t have a problem with my husband because I know that on days that he doesn’t have to fly, he will volunteer to help out in the middle of the night if necessary. I’m worried about the times that he will be out to sea (Navy) for weeks at a time -what if the girls are sick and/or I’m sick . . . how will I be able to study and do well? The prof for this class values attendance, but if my kids are sick and can’t go to day care, I won’t be able to go to class. I guess after this week I just have to make sure they don’t get sick again!

    I know some of you are probably thinking “wah, wah, wah, boo hoo for you” but this is something new for me. I don’t know how you single moms and moms with lots of kids do it 😮

    I’m not ready to give up . . . I’m just a big worrier.
    Plus I’m tired and grumpy right now 🙁


    Hang in their DO Hopeful! Things will settle down and things will be fine. I give my kiddos Flinstones w/ vitamin C to boost their immune system. Not sure if it really works, but it makes me feel better. 😀


    I totally understand and do not think that you should not be upset and grumpy! 😉 It is so difficult to know what to do in these situations. I am faced with the same issues. It is fine for profs to be hard-nosed with traditional students because a lot of time they do skip just for the heck of it. However, it creates a problem for those of us who have kids and may honestly need to skip to take care of them. I have a prof that does not give make-up anything (even tests) and gives no absences for any reason!!!! 😮

    Try to find someone who is a good notetaker to get notes from in case you do miss. Plus, I have found that talking to profs will sometimes help. The thing I find frustrating is that athletes hae to be allowed to make up work and skip, but mommies can’t! 😡

    I know things always seem way out of proportion when I am tired and especially at the beginning of the semester. So, I feel your pain. Sorry you are having such a rough start. Hang in there! You can do it!


    I know exactly where you are coming from. At daycare there are plenty of kids to pass their illnesses on to others….just the way the ball rolls. My kids dont go to a daycare, but at the sitters there is always at least 2 additional kids and when one gets sick, it is like a domino effect!
    Now some words of faith….Last year at this time, the day before my semster began in school my dtr doubled over with tummy pain…was transferred out and had emergency surgery 150 miles away….and of course, I went with. I missed the whole first week, but I pushed myself and caught up….I talked with the professor to ensure him, I had a valid reason not to be in class. I wasnt allowed to make the quiz I missed up….on several occassions my youngest two have been sick and couldnt go to the sitters….I had to miss class…and I always talked to the professors…..I just took one day at a didnt affect my grades any. You just have to know what you gotta do to compensate when those unfortunate things happen. My second youngest son was hospitalized last semester, I had to miss class….so things…obstacles, if you will, are always coming at me… just have let them bump into you but not let them knock you down. My professors were understanding, plus they know I am serious about my work, which helped. I still worry though, about missing when the kids get sick. I wish someone would open a daycare clinic for children with mild ailments to be watched. Like a RN or something. Just wishful thinking!

    I find it hard to beleive that the professors can decide that a person will not be allowed to make up a test….people get sick…it is unavoidable….I bet if it was challenged, with a valid reason to faculty affairs or the dean that would change. That is ridiculous.

    But anyway, keep your head up!

    DO HopefulDO Hopeful

    Thanks for everyone’s input. I realize now that I’ll have to take it one day at a time. Today, both girls were running fevers, but luckily my husband was able to leave work a little early and stay with them while I went to class. I told him that I didn’t think it was fair that my prof will give extra credit to students with perfect attendance, but he (my hubby) thinks this just shows that the prof actually cares if students show up to class . . . others could care less. It still doesn’t seem fair for moms with sick kids. Anyway, I plan on doing my best in the class to show that I’m serious about doing well so that if situations arise where I can’t come to class, the prof will know that I’m not just skipping class.

    BTW, I’m usually a stickler about giving my kids their vitamins and especially when it comes to taking my own vitamins . . . my husband is a whole other story . . . still has a full bottle in his cabinet :rolleyes: But stupid me . . . I let it slip last week while we were out of town. So while they were getting less sleep, they were also not taking their vitamins . . . I feel so bad. Then I brought them to day care the other day. I’m usually really good about having them wash their hands before they eat, but they were so starved and cranky when I picked them up that I let them share a baggie of cheerios on the way home. I guess that probably did it :guilty: Since my older one has started preschool, both have been sick (stuffy noses, coughs) more than usual. I guess that comes with the territory. I know I can’t keep them home forever . . . especially if I want to go back to school to be a doctor one day :boggled:


    See, that’s what Im talking about. You see how things had its way of working out? Sometimes I look back at some of those obstacles and wonder how I ever made it through, but somehow I just did and you will too.

    Dont be so hard on yourself as a mom. Kids are going to get sick, that is how they develop their immunities. I never have given my children vitamins, and most of the several times they’ve need to be hospitalized, it was for something surgical! Kids are sloppy with their secretions, and you can just wash their hands, and with their hands they will pick up something different from what you just washed off. I tell ya!
    Anyway, sounds like you have your head screwed on straight..keep putting up a good fight!

    EM momEM mom

    I think we ALL feel your pain and mostly because this is a problem at every level-let me assure you it gets harder as you move up the ladder and staying home from residency to take care of your sick child is NOT an option :tired: . (…and you are not a whiner, you are a great mom who is concerned about your kids and exhausted and trying to do the best you can and this is a HUGE issue to ALL of us!) For now, be happy that you CAN skip class and stay home. You are a smart woman and you can most likely make it up. The prof is not only interested in people coming to his class, but letting you know what it will be like when you are done. (You thought you were out of the military didn’t you! :boggled: )!


    Your right momsurg, not having anyone to watch the kids when they are sick is a problem at any level.
    What makes me think things will be more promising later is the fact that my little ones will be older in residency and have developed their immunities–shouldnt get sick as frequent.

    Man, if a licensed healthcare professional were to open a daycare for the sick kids, and charge a little extra because of it—-that industry would flourish! I would be willing to pay double not to miss work/school for a day or two to get me out of a bind, provided I had the money.
    As it stands, I dont have a back-up, because no one in the family can watch my kids which are mostly the ones who would have been willing to care for sick kids. I just have to hope the kids stay healthy!

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