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    In the past, I have volunteered here and there. However, since entering medical school and especially since having children, I really haven’t. I feel like I am living only for myself and my kids. Of course, most of my non-work energy does go towards the kids, so perhaps that’s not strictly true, but …

    I am hoping people can come up with some ideas on volunteering I could do on a VERY flexible schedule, i.e. something useful to some good organization, but with low expectations of actual output! I suppose my ideal opportunity would be something I could do either with my kids (har har — they’re 2.5 years and 10 months, impossible to do anything else!) or at home, after they go to sleep. I will (hopefully) go back to medical school next summer, and ideally whatever I started now would be something I could continue (very, very part-time) then. I have always felt resistance on this issue from my husband, who thinks I should just focus on my program, but we are not the same person.

    Right now I am thinking an occasional kind of thing (clean up a park, etc.) might fit best. Any ideas? Thanks.


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