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    What are you doing with your summer before medical school? I’m graduating in may, and going to med school in august, sot that leaves me 2 1/2 months open. I’m debating between working, and trying to save enough money up to travel somewhere, like backpacking in Europe. I’ve also had some friends talk about hiking the Appalacian trail, but I don’t know how serious they are.

    I feel kinda guilty that I don’t want to do anything medical or school related like I have been the last few summers.

    What are you guys doing?


    Great question.

    I’ve been planning for quite some time to hike the John Muir Trail in CA with my boyfriend next July-August. After I graduated undergrad we hiked the Long Trail (Massachusetts to Canada through Vermont) and absolutely loved it.

    Of course this all depends on my job–I told my PI that I’d like to finish in June but of course if we are sitting on a paper I’d stay to get that done. We’ll see.

    If you (or your friends) are serious about hiking the AT, normally you’d have to start in March at the southern terminus in Georgia and hike north. Not sure what your job situation is like but it might be difficult to get ~4 months off starting in March. Good luck. 😎



    Oh I hadn’t planned on hiking all of it, just as much as we could get done, I know it takes far more time than I have, and I’ll probably have to hike it in pieces. Is the Muir trail doable in that amount of time?

    DrWuStar *DrWuStar*

    i am hoping to quit my job in june and just relax at home for a couple months. i might help a great friend and mentor of mine finish her second book (i used to work for her full time, and was very involved in the writing of her first book, and she wants me to help with this one). but mostly i just want to relax. and then move. and then relax in my new home a little bit before school starts. oh, and if we can swing it, i think my sweetheart and i are going to take a vacation in costa rica. 😀

    drey – don’t feel guilty about wanting to relax. one of my best friends is an M1 this year, and every time i call her, she tells me to make sure i spend as much time relaxing before hand as possible. 😉


    I probably won’t be doing anything so interesting as Drey and Leaf! 😉 More than likely I will be moving my family to a new home closer to the medical school. I currently live about 1hr commute away, so my big goal is to sell this house and take the huge hit to buy in town. (huge hit = reducing size of house by half!!!)

    I can’t wait! It’s so hard to relax when I’ve wanted med school for so long and worked so hard. :boggled:



    Mayo starts earlier than most school like end of July soooo I will be moving and if time permits heading off to Spain to the beach!

    Amy BAmy B

    Hopefully we will be moved in and settled in the city where my school is. If we are I am planning a big vacation to relax and prepare my self and my family for the next 4 years.
    [santahat] [santahat]


    I would love to take some time off…but I am such a grouch if I am not doing something. I will probably work about 30 hours in the lab where I am now and try to take two weeks off prior to the start of med school. Our orientation starts July 26 and classes begin full throttle the week after. I am sooooooo excited :goodvibes: :hyper: I just don’t know what to do!!!!!

    I would like to have a family vacation with the kids especially since my husband and I have not been on vacation since Christmas 2001. I am ready for some fuuuun 😎


    P.S. I just love these Graemlins

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