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    hi,i am a pharmacist but i got my degree from nigeria.right now however i want to go to medical school.i wonder would i have to go back to school and do 90 credits again or do you think i could just do the basic sciences again like orgo and bio.ihave my licence to practice here and i was wondering whether that would make them go easy on me.when i call the medical schools to ask i have a feeling they don’t understand what i am asking about. do you think they would reply me if i wrote them. thanks immensely


    well, it depends upon the degree you received in Nigeria and the classes you took. Medical Schools WILL take people with a foreign undergrad degree, they look closer then at the classes and grades AND you MUST do well on the MCAT.

    You CAN call each med school. Ask to speak to an admissions counselor who specializes in foreign students. Or you can email them. You don’t most often have to get a degree in the US. You may have to go back and retake some science classes. Not anywhere near 60 hours worth.

    good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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