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    Hi all,

    Just curious as to how many are juggling a foreign language along with the typical pre-med load. Any one out there? What is it like? What languages are you taking and what advice do you have for doing both well?

    I have been taking Arabic (love it) and am contemplating whether or not to keep it. I feel torn, like I must choose one or the other. Arabic is a very challenging language to learn, and a project of its own. I fear that if I go the medical school route, it will not prove useful as it takes SO LONG to master. (I will not have the time to contiue to study, and much less to actually use it) I am thinking that Spanish would be a better choice for medicine. (but, it’s all in the air right now) I’d like to know what others have done.

    any advice is appreciated!

    Future Mom MDFuture Mom MD


    I will be taking my first Spanish course this semester as the advisor at my school stated that I will need it as much of the community in our city are Spanish speaking and I also thought that it would be a good thing to have.

    It would make me feel more personable with my patient being able to speak to them and understand what they are saying instead of having someone to interpret for me. I would be able to show my compassion more better being able to speak their language.



    Hi Angel,

    I took American Sign Language and found it fun and a very easy courseload (barely any homework). The thing that was really great about the course (taught by a profoundly deaf woman), was that we learned as much about deaf culture as we did about the language. I am hoping that I will find signing useful in my career, but know that just having a better understanding of the deaf community is useful to me as a human. I will be learning Spanish by necessity when we move to Spain next year, and I KNOW that I will use that language!

    Arabic does sound fascinating, but you are correct in thinking that it may be a bit much to learn along with the unbelievably time-consuming sciences. But if you love it, you can do it.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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