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    Time to remind you of some guidelines..

    Please read the forum descriptions on the main page. Please remember that non-physicians cannot post in the physicians forum etc. You can post in forums if you are further along in your career and were once a resident, medical student, etc. For example, a physician wishing to post advice in the medical student forum is encouraged to.

    Please do not post duplicate threads. This makes following a thread very difficult. Please place a single thread in the most appropriate forum.

    Thanks and have fun! Keep conversations flowing!


    I find this restriction on where a person can post rather frustrating.

    For example, I started a thread about doctors married to doctors in the family forum and I only received two responses, but while guiltily browsing the physician’s form I found a similar topic with seven responses. However, since I’m not a physician, I’m not supposed to be posting there. It doesn’t really help me if I can’t direct my question to the people who can answer the question!

    Another example is a thread in the pre-med section dealing with residency questions. She’s not supposed to post in the med students or residency forum, but pre-med students won’t have the experience to answer her questions.

    Perhaps there can be an advice forum where the people at the bottom of the hierarchy (thinking about med and pre-med students)can receive advice from those who have gone before…

    I see from the first page of the “Would you go into medicine again” thread that this idea has been brought up before. What ever happened to it?

    Sorry this is so long!


    I understand your frustration. The best place to post anything that requires all responses would be General. What happens is so many premeds go into the physicians forum asking questions that the physicians cannot see messages from peers.

    Do not feel guilty browing, everyone is allowed to read any forum.

    This tacit agreement to respect the intended audience of each forum keeps discussion relevant, amongst peers and easy to read for those with limited time.

    It is such a difficult line to maintain and trying to keep everyone happy is hard! This seems to work and no one should take it personally.

    Every now and then it’s just good to remind you all. Obviously some messages will get through to places they probably shouldn’t be.

    Thanks for your understanding

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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