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    Hi there,

    From time to time as new people join it’s good to post the forum rules! This makes everyone’s forum experience easier and makes us moderators less police-like!!

    There are certain forums – physicians, residents and medical students who are intended just for those users. Everyone is free to post replies or read the forums, just not post questions if you are not a physician, resident or med student. If you see your message has been moved from one of these forums it’s because of these rules.

    Why? A while ago some physician members requested that their forum be closed to non-physicians. After much discussion and controversy it was decided that the forum remain open for all to read. Our physician, resident and med student members want to discuss issues with peers and this should be respected. There are many, many physicians who peruse the other forums and answer advice/mentor type questions. The premed audience tends to dominate the boards and we want to have an area where physicians can log in quickly and see discussions pertaining to their stage of a medical career, without having to read lots of premed questions.

    Also, another STRICTLY enforced rule is no advertising in the forums. I have banned people from the forums for soliciting advertising – one even blasted the same message in over 4 forums. Not tolerated here AT ALL. Feel free to post relevant links, product suggestions and so on.

    Hope you all understand! Sethina

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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