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    The other day I noticed that the oldest med student was 44, and realized that I am two years older than that, and still have two quarters of Physics before I can even apply.

    Should I just forget it? My previous GPA was 2.9, with 20 years between my graduation wrap up. Though the college I am graduating from recognizes my GPA as 3.98 for studies completed. So that would put my cumulative at about a 3.5. But I feel older than dirt! Even in the job market, youth with any experience is chosen over anyone over 40, (it seems).

    What do you girls think? 46, and likely 47 or 48 during the application process?


    Hello, I felt the same way but if I do not try for my dream I will always regret it. You are going to be 46 or 50 anyways . and if you can get a degree along with that that will be superb. I was getting very discouraged till I posted my thoughts here and it really helped me.I do not want to regret 10-15 years from now for not trying.Give it a shot .
    Good Luck and try your best. 🙂


    Hey gals the best example to demonstrate that age should not be a detriment, is Dr. Natalie Belle (from She graduated from Howard this year and turned 50 a couple of weeks after that, and was accepted to a General Surgery residency (which is five years). You can check out her story and more at the OPM web site. It is truly inspiring to know that it can be done!


    Hey…you can do it! I’m just starting out at 40!
    I don’t know about you, but after spending years
    sleepwalking through life…and finally realizing that I can do this…I’m not going to let a little thing like age stop me now. I can’t change the age. Like it was stated in the other post…you are going to be your age regardless.


    You CAN do it if you you really want it…and you mustn’t let anyone discourage you about your age or anything else for that matter! Age is a very relative thing (remember the old Geritol commercial..”you’re as young as you feel”…well it’s true!!) You’re as young and capable as you feel and think you are…and no one else is in your shoes or knows what’s best for you. If you truly believe and feel that your age, if anything, is a positive attribute rather than a strike against you, then this will come through in your application and interview process. By the way, there have been med students in their 50’s and 60’s…granted, this is not the norm, but it’s proof that it’s possible. So, do not be discouraged….be happy that you know what you want to do and that you are determined to do it!

    we’re here for you,
    Sue (43)
    MSUCOM 2006 (starting orientation in
    one week!!) 😀


    Thank you ladies for the encouragement. It worked, I graduate next month with a BA, and then physics in the fall and winter. I’d like to think that if this since this is my passion, as long as I can technically measure up as a medical troubleshooter, the door and opportunity will be opened.

    thanks again!


    CaLiGirL :)CaLiGirL:)


    To me, the fact that you’re doing what you’re doing at this age is VERY respectable. I don’t see how anyone can look down on you for what you doing. Rather, I see people viewing you as a courageous individual who has a strong will and that is something to be proud about in itself! I’m happy to hear that you’re nearly finished with undergrad, now it’s on to the next step which I’m sure you will accomplish gracefully. I’m sure you are an individual with great wisdom so take advantage of it 🙂 !

    My father just finished graduate school last summer and he’s 62! He’s going back to school as soon as him and my mother save up the funds to do so to obtain yet another graduate degree (PhD in Spiritual Psychology(Counseling)/Theology)…I am proud of him more than ever. I can say with pride and being his child that he was accepted into Harvard a few years back but didn’t go to stay close to his family.

    That’s how people would view you. Of course, you’re not anywhere near my father’s age, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

    Good Luck and stay strong 😉 !


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