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    hey guys
    does anyone have any advice for me on how to raise my gpa??? i am only at a 3.o an i wanna apply in june after i take april MCAT. i have a lot of clinincal experiencxce etc..i work as an EMT too but i am worried about my gpa. any suggestions? its the science classes that get me!!


    There is really no easy answer or advice that we can give you regarding science gpa. Ask yourself a couple of questions regarding science classes and the low gpa: are you putting in enough time to assimilate/comprehend/learn the material? are you doing all the problems assigned plus some more if you require extra study? are you attending all classes and asking questions of unclear areas? Once you answer these questions then I would create a study plan to be succesful in the classes you pursue from now on. You do have to demonstrate the ability to adcoms that you can handle demanding and time consuming science classes for the first two years of medical schools is just that, science classes. So your case is most definately not lost, however you do need to address if there is anything that *you* can change in order to ace those classes. If for some reason you have done all in your power and still do poorly in the classes, it could be a factor of things and then I would probably go seek out the professor and see if he/she has any advice. Good luck.


    What science classes have you been taking? Is there any way you can take fewer hours at a time?

    The science classes are important, of course, but if you can do well enough on the science sections of the MCAT you can overcome the gpa.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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