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    Anyone here know anything about their post bac program? I know it’s Harvard and all but that’s ALL I know.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Brenda MayBrenda May

    I got this information from a publication that UC Davis did a few years ago on Post Bacc programs. If anyone else wants info on another school let me know because I have a directory of them.

    Harvard Extension School, Health Careers Program
    Program Duration: one to two years
    Admission Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, transcripts, GPA 3.3-3.9 preferred. Average MCAT score 10 and above in each subject, enthusiams for science, etc. essay and brief application form.
    Financial Aid: none
    Contact: Harvard University Extension School
    Director of Health Careers Programs
    51 Brattle Street
    Cambridge, CA 02138
    Phone (617) 495-2926
    Fax (617) 495-9176
    email: fixsen@hudce.harvard.edu
    comments: at least 20 units in the program of B or better required in program, pratice interview with advisory board available


    I’ve gone through the Harvard Extension School program. It’s good. It’s tough. There can be a wonderful sense of community, but you have to actively create it. One of the fundamental good aspects is the fact that there is no grading on a curve, so if everyone does well, everyone does well — almost all profs give grade scales up front, and some even give you different ways of choosing how you want your exams weighted (in your favor).

    The quality of the courses is excellent, which is not to say that I was never totally annoyed with a prof or TF, I often was, but it is definitely an excellent education. If you want to ask me any specific questions, feel free. 😎

    One word of warning — if you don’t yet live in Boston, be prepared to pay a lot in rent… I’ve been here a while, but a lot of my friends were pretty shocked when they got here. The courses + books, etc cost about $900 each (tuition is around $770). But Harvard is Harvard, and there are lots of public lectures — it’s a great place to do premed.


    I am looking at the Harvard Program as well. I was wondering are the profs for the extension school the same/ or as good as the university? Do you get a certificate? And is it from the extension school or Harvard? Can you take courses during the day? Sorry, so many questions…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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