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    I never thought it would happen, but I think it did. All my life I went through school with a goal in mind, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything where I wouldn’t be working full time with some kind of advanced degree. I *never* thought I would marry because I was too interested in my schooling/work.

    Boy did that all change when I met the right guy :goodvibes: ! I never thought I’d love someone so much that I would actually *want* to have a family with them. I am so happy and excited, but my career plans are just turned upside down.

    Did any one else have this kind of life-plan upheaval :confused: ? Do you feel kind of weird for going from one extreme to the other? What’s your story?

    Thoughts, please! Sorry so long!


    😉 oh boy. I was really driven, then burned out, and eventually met the right guy…thought I’d be just fine doing the SAHM thing.

    Now my little girl’s four months old, my brain is melting, and I miss my work dreadfully. If anything, this is making me more determined to get back to it. Luckily, writers don’t have to work by anyone else’s schedule, and I work best in 2-3 hour blocks. So my main project now is finding a regular babysitter to come in a few times a week. I’ll have daytime writing at least 3 days/wk that way, and can work late at night or early am other days. My husband’s being awesome about this & wants to contribute to paying the sitter, & asks how else he can help me get the time I need.

    I really like the idea of Annelies growing up seeing mommy do serious work with her head, too. I want that to be normal for her. It wasn’t for me — in fact when I was little my mother wanted me to go to secretarial school, so I’d have something to fall back on — but luckily my father thought girls ought to have brains and work of their own too.

    Do I feel kind of weird about the changes & extremes? Not anymore. :goodvibes: Learned a while ago there’s no constant but change.



    I was always the one to stay late / come early volunteer for all the bad shifts…and NOW that I am married….I still do them but I get more resentful about it; I wish I could just come home in the evening and be with him instead of go to the hospital…and now I look back at those men/women who would show up late for rounds bc of spouses or kids and I have a LITTLE better understanding of them…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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