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    Angela PAngela P


    This is a terrific resource, thanks to whomever is the founding MomMD.

    Let me introduce myself. I am a single, 27 year old mom — my amazing daughter is seven. I have always pictured myself as a physician and now I am a little nervous about taking the leap. I will be finishing my BA in biology this January. My grades are pretty good (~3.6) but, I do not have any experience in the medical field and I plan on taking the MCAT in April and applying to University of Washington Med School in the fall of 2003. I am extremely nervous about taking the MCAT and would like to know what helped the most for preparing. Also, I am concerned about how this would affect my daughter’s life and would like to know how others have dealt with this challenge. Please let me know if it has been worth it…what would you have done differently?

    Best Wishes,
    Angela P


    Hi, Angela.

    I would just like to say hello. I, too, am a 27 yo single mom, but I am fresh into the waters of this process, moving to Organic Chem next semester. Sounds like you are doing great and almost there. It is inspirational to meet others who have made it or are further than I that are in the same boat.

    I have the same questions and fears about not being with my daughter as much as I would like. I continue to tell myself, and I truly believe, that what I am doing in my career path (along with trying to be a great parent and shoulder) will give her the utmost confidence as a woman who can aspire to anything that her heart desires if she truly wants it and goes after it. I would also like to hear from other moms about how this has affected their children.

    Brandi 😀

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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