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    Hello!! I have been reading the discussions and enjoying this site so much. I am almost 30 years old. I have a wonderful two year old son who is my special gift from God! Originally a business major, I made a complete turn around and decided to follow my dream!! I will graduate in December 2003 with a Psychology major, but I made the decision in enough time to include my pre-req’s in my curriculum without having to spend a lot of extra time. I was so afraid I had made the decision too late!! It is such a relief to have found this site and see so many women making this decision. I would love any advice and suggestions, especially about family friendly schools!! I do want to have more children and it will have to be during my schooling. Also, I am from Alabama. Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on UAB or South Alabama? Sorry to be so long!! Have a great day!!


    Hello adn Welcome! I’m from Texas myself, so I don’t have much to say about Alabama, sorry!

    With the Psych degree, are you thinking of going into Psychiatry with the MD? I minored in psych and always enjoyed those courses. Got my major in Anthropology, though. Don’t ask me why. I loved the classes and just figured it would be a cool major, I guess! 😀 Now I’m 32 and applying to med school this year. :laughing:

    Good luck! When will you be applying?


    Hi Theresa,
    I stayed in Texas one summer and really enjoyed it!! I have considered Psychiatry, but I am not firm on that decision yet. I decided on the Psych degree because it was just an area that was interesting. I considered counseling, but I just really want to take my education further. I feel like I have a calling to be a doctor, and I hope I have what it takes. I will graduate this December and I hope to apply next year. Do you think that will give me enough time to study for the MCAT? Are you applying mainly to schools in Texas, or in other states as well? I am still a little nervous about this decision! I have only announced it to a few people (laughed at by one of them!!), but I feel I have the determination to accomplish my dreams and goals. I would love any suggestions you have on any area!! GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR APPLICATIONS!! That is so exciting! I can’t wait to get to that point!!


    Just wanted to post a hello to everybody from a new member.
    I’m a nurse practitioner (2y) and RN (10y) and am working on my premed coursework. I have been working in a high tech/specialty acute care area, and am still unsure about what area of medicine to choose. I’m currently leaning towards internal medicine vs family practice.
    (BTW, I too have a B.A. in Psychology)
    Having been in healthcare for 12 years I find it has been tough (very demanding of your time, demanding physically, socially etc.) but also incredibly rewarding. It also helps to have real clear boundaries and negotiating skills!
    Sooo, I am applying next year at the grand old age of 39 :wave:

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