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    I was finishing my fellowship when I met a man for whom I wanted to stay in the vicinity. I went to an excellent medical school and have never had any complaints against my license or any problems at any of my positions or rotations in school

    Because I wished to stay in the area, I found a job in a private practice and, naively, signed a five year contract. Things started off well enough but have turned into a NIGHTMARE. The clinic owners, neither of which finished high school and are mother and son have zero concern for myself nor the patients.

    1) The literally leave Schedule II and IV drugs out in the open, on a table, for hours at a time These all have my name on them as they are Rxd by me. They are NOT behind a locked door and in an open room right next to the waiting room. They are also completely unmonitored. I have documented this In addition, I recently learned (and obtained a letter from) a patient who came to pick up her medicaitions (among them a C-2) and although they were filled and picked up by the clinic I work for, they were “missing” ALthough I cannot connect the two, the mother, whose other adult son hangs around the clinic, is a convicted substance abuser and still actively uses drugs. Her other son, who is co-owner of the clinic, also has an addiction to pain pills.

    2) They will not let me have my Rx Pad when I finish work; however, they leave it unlocked all the time in a place where the MAs and, likely patients, could steal it. They tell me the last rx sheet that was written but anybody could steal a page from the middle

    3) If patients do not show up to their appointments, they refuse to allow me to write refills, even enough to make it to the next appt. I am worried that a patient will have a seizure when coming off a benzo. and sue me.

    4) They leave drug samples in unlocked cabinets. They used to lock them up in a cabinet in my office but thought I was being too generous with samples so they put them in unlocked cabinets where they could see me distribute them.

    5) Medical cannabi (MC)s is legal in our state, key word being Medical. There is NO recreational program. Because I am the only M.D. at their site and, as a result, I have sole authority to recommend MC. However, they recently started flying in MDs from elsewhere in the state to do MC conventions. The worst part is they started running radio and internet commercials for these conventions with the clinic name (and since I am the only MD who works there, my name is Intricately tied to the clinic) where they say there are going to have DJs by the name of Riding Dirty performing. In case you don’t know, “riding dirty” means this per wikipedia:
    Riding dirty means getting caught by the police with contraband, or in urban slang, gettin caught by da po po, wid some of dat dro dro.

    6) Because I am in a fairly rural area the clinic sends their son to pick up the Rxs and bring them back to the clinic (the closest pharmacy is an hour away). I often see patients just out of the hospital after stroke, suicide attempt, etc. Often times the clinic will tell them they will pick up their Rxs rapidly; however, they then don’t go to pick up the Rxs and the patients end up never receiving their meds or, even worse, running out for weeks at a time. They attempt to call the clinic but the owners dont return phone calls. The pharmacy they were using to pick up the rxs cut ties with the clinic because of the deluge of angry patients calling and threatening HER when the clinic does not return patients’ phone calls regarding where their meds are.

    I signed a five year contract but can’t do this. I anonymously contacted people on my state board and they told me if this is true and I documented this, I can leave. I obviously have recorded these things, etc. and have plenty of incontrovertible evidence. However, they are now threatening to sue me because I have spoken badly about their clinic (they say “said misleading things about their business”) and have dissuaded another MD who was going to work there.

    Another MD came and worked at this clinic and walked off after 4 months. They are now suing her for lost revenue to the sum of 500,000 dollars and saying she cant work within 150 miles, both of these terms are in the contract.

    I gave my notice but they are already preparing to sue me like they are the other doctor. ,If they can prove I spoke badly about the clinic and dissuaded another doctor from coming but I can prove the above, what would happen? I am going to obtain a JD Tuesday


    Wow…I’m glad you are getting a lawyer because you will have to tread very carefully here. In fact, your whole post here could be used as evidence of speaking badly about the clinic. I have no idea which clinic it is, or even which state you’re in, but there are enough details there that a motivated person could probably figure it out. So if I were you, I would edit the post and take out a lot of the details. Talk to your lawyer and go from there. Good luck!

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