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    Hello everyone!

    I am brand new to this board. I am a mom of one little boy. Anyhow, I am almost done with my post-bacc year and I apply this June. I am working on my personal statement but I am having some trouble with reasons why I want to become a doctor. I have my own reasons, but they are very personal and not appropriate to share with adcoms. Thus, can anyone inspire me with examples of their specific reasons for wanting to become a doctor?




    I wanted to be a psychologist when I started college but after studying anatomy and physiology (with a cadaver in the lab), I decided I wanted to focus on the body and not the mind. I wrote about that in my personal statement. Also, a descriptive story makes your essay stand out. I talked about taking a lead role in gross anatomy on the first day. Everyone was a little nervous and I was the one to make the first incision down the midline.
    I also discussed becoming a mother at 17. Some people debate about whether you should reveal the fact you are a mother. If the school has a problem with parental status then I don’t think I’d want to be at that school anyway! In my conclusion I wrote, “My six-year-old son wants to become a scientist. I want to show him that success is always an option.” Or something very similar to that. A major theme of my essay was being a positive role model.
    I had a lot of trouble writing my essay. I used to make the overall flow better. It may be expensive but it’s their job to make a good essay great. After you’ve written and revised, get anyone who will read it to critique it. Then submit to an essay service. Just think of the cost as another medical school expense.


    Hi Koala,
    I’m thinking about my personal essay too. I think what has inspired me to want to become a physician is the hands-on, people-focused work you get to do on a daily basis. I was initally focussed on pursuing a career in research science, but after 5 years of summer research positions, I’ve decided that my personality is more suited to working with people, and making a difference in people’s daily lives more immediately than research would allow me to. I love the idea that I can put my love for and ability in science to an extremely practical and beneficial purpose. I get a rush from working with a team, and being part of a positive change in people’s lives. What career would afford me that opportunity better than medicine? These are the thoughts rattling around in my brain (bumping into MCAT studying material along the way, of course), and I’d love to hear other people’s answers to “why med?”. We’re all in this together! Good luck everyone!


    I know a website that can help you – I used it from high school and even in college this service is very useful for me because there is a lot of interesting and useful information and can help with studying)

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