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    Ladies I would like to know what books are being quite helpful for MCAT prep. I am loving the NOVA physics MCAT prep, and love all EK materials, and also have the TPR prep stuff. All seem pretty good but by far one of my favorites is the EK books. I have started doing mock MCAT’s and there is for sure some type of questions that you will see over and over. So it does pay off to do as many practice exams as you can get your hands on. The EK verbal 101 is just absolutely a must have to improve verbal scores. It has ten full length MCAT for the new 2003 style (60 questions versus 65). Anyone else?


    I am bumping this one up, see if anyone else is prepping with some good stuff.


    Hey Efex101,
    I completey agree EK Materials are awesome. 😀 I used kaplan last time and it didn’t work out so well. Not to say that I blame their material for my score. Its just it was way to much stuff. 😮 I feel more confident :goodvibes: now with the EK materials. And what also makes EK better is because they have the bulletin board where you can post questions and get answers. I am not sure if you are actually taking a course or studying on your own like I am doing. If you are studying on your own, though you can email the authors of the EK materials and they will send you a home study schedule. You can also just ask me for it to. 😉 Its awesome, they tell what you should do each day for the 10 weeks before the exam. So if you want it let me know. The best thing though is to send me your personal email because its a really big attachment. Just in case


    Thanks, I will PM you with my e-mail address for the schedule. I am prepping with TPR but I really enjoy the EK stuff. I have heard mixed things about Kaplan but I do know that some folks did really well with them. I think that some of the folks that post here are taking Kaplan now, hopefully we will all kick rear on the MCAT regardless of how/what we are using! I do think that TPR is good for someone that needs extensive review with lots of details. What I am doing is going through TPR material at my own pace one lecture per day. Once that is done by the end of this month beginning of next, I will hone in with EK and learn the formulas that they say to learn (EK). Then come March as I am honing with EK it’s practice MCAT a galore!


    Hi there,

    I have to agree.EK is great. I am currently studying on my own and using the Audio Osmosis CDs. I also have the Kaplan review book and there is a lot of info. However, when I need to look as a specific rxn or something, I use the review book. I have a 40 min commute one way 5 days a week and that is a lot of listening!! Also, I can take notes and just pop one in when I’m doing chores. I have used their website and it is very helpful. I’m glad to hear that I am not the only one studying by myself. I thought I was some type of anomaly. :boggled: I should be ready for the MCAT by April (I have to be I’ve already registered 😀 that seems to make it more official) And would you believe that the closest testing center to me is 1 1/2 hrs away! Take care and remember the key is understanding not memorization!!!


    I used the Kaplan prep class and it helped me. However, I found the library practice materials to be much more helpful than the classroom stuff. I did all the section tests and full-lengths tests, as well as the AAMC practice items.

    Here’s one thing I found helpful. When I was taking a practice test, I would circle any question where I guessed or wasn’t confident with my answer. Then I went over those solutions whether I got it right or wrong. I, of course, also went over all the ones I got wrong. I found this to be a good compromise to going over ALL the solutions.

    Best of luck you guys!



    Just to let everyone know, If you want the ek home study schedule I can email it to you. Its really helpful. Just pm me with your email address and I will send it to you because its a big file. 🙂

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