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    Hi, My name is Patricia. I am 24 years old. I am married with one child, a daughter almost 4 years old. I really want to go to medical school. I’m just really scared that I will be an inadequate mother. My husband will be fine, he is 1000% supportive of whatever I do. It’s just mainly my daughter I am concerned about. I want to be there for her, I don’t always want to be too busy for her. Can anybody give me some advice?? Thank you!!


    Hi Patricia! I know exactly how you feel, as do many of us here. Where are you in the process of going to medical school? Do you have your degree?

    You absolutely can go to school and be a great mom at the same time. Sometimes it means being creative with your scheduling, or being willing to let some things go. (like having a picture perfect house all the time!)

    I think you can find some great thoughts on motherhood and med school on the med student forum and lots of discussion on the premed forums as well.



    Sure you can do it, but you’ll be shuffling more than the non-parent classmates. That’s not all bad because you do really need to take breaks from studying 😀 . I come home (most days) and don’t study until after my daughter goes to bed. That way I’m still being an involved mom and she gets to spend time with me (not just with me studying). Certainly, I don’t get as much study time as my single classmates, but so far I’m keeping up just fine.

    Another thing that made a difference for me is that I waited until my daughter was in school before I started med school. That way, she’s in school when I’m in school so I’m not taking time away from her.

    There are times where that doesn’t work out, though. Before an exam I’m certainly away more. So far, though, it definitely is manageable…just be sure to make time for your family — husband and kids.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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