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    We’re always talking about this medicine stuff!! Anyone want to share any hobbies or things that they do in their spare (?) time?

    I’m an avid cook and certified professional baker (not good for the waistline but great for the tongue)!! If I had the time and money I would travel more.. can’t think what else right now! I do like reading but it tends to be sporadic.

    Anyone else?
    Sethina 😀

    P.S. How could I forget my biggest ‘hobby’ MomMD.com!!


    Oooh, Sethina, yum!

    My hobbies: cross stitching, scrapbooking, reading (popular novels & nonfiction).

    Course, I really don’t have time anymore :guilty:


    Hi, Sethina and Melissa!

    Do housework and helping my kids with their homework count? :laughing:

    Actually, I’m an avid reader of both mainstream fiction and scifi/fantasy. Sometimes I want to read about other people’s experinces of life and sometimes I want a completely different world altogether! I also like to play solitaire or cards with my son when I need to unwind.



    Well… I like to ski (snow ski that is) when I get the time, and I curl on a mixed team with my husband in a league. Can you tell I live in Canada?? We also take our children skating at least once/week.

    I also love to read, watch documentary television, cruise the net (too much lately), do puzzles, quilt and play games with my kids.

    Gotta go start a new puzzle with my 6 year old right now…. 😀


    I enjoy creative writing, walking and yoga. I am also researching family geneaology. Love to explore museums locally and travel whenever I can. Play the piano and viola but not as well as I’d like to 😉


    My hobbies are running, soccer, painting, learning (not a hobby to some, but it is for me!), reading, music, and movies. 😀


    My hobbies are singing thats my favourite thing to do and science 😀 you guys probably think ima whacko for loving science hehe! :p i also love to draw and write books ( ficton mostly) thats probably about all…i think!lol bye 4 now 😉


    Ashley, any published books?



    Horseback riding! Currently I have an old pinto mare who is so sweet and with whom I am so compatible. Every 2 weeks or so we go for a 1.5 to 2 hr. trail ride with our friends. We both get so wiped out that we have to nap when we get back, and then rest up for at least a week. We just have fun and no one gets hurt (even though we fell down on some slick snow a couple of weeks ago).

    One funny hobby I have is taking a Taekwondo class with my twin boys. It’s really a kick ( no pun intended). It’s a youth program so I can’t officially take the class, but they let me participate for no fee. I do pay for my belt exams, though. I help out in the class by working with the lower belts after the instructor teaches them their new lessons, while he works with the upper ranks. So, the class consists of about 15 grade schoolers, kidergarten through 5th grade and me! The kids really enjoy having me in the class. I have asked several times, just to be sure that my presence wasn’t a negative for them. I love to dance (was a professional hula and Tahitian dancer for a short time in my younger days), but really don’t get the opportunity to dance much now, so I figure this is the next best thing. I wanted to take dance classes with my daughter who took dance for years, but they would not mix adults with children.


    I knew it, you are some interesting, wild and wonderful women! Horseman, now I get the name!!



    I’m American, but have been living in London (UK) for the past 18 months. One of my favourite things is to explore all of the different markets in the city. Some of my favourites are: Portobello Road, Spitalfields, Shepherd’s Bush, Borough, and the Columbia Road flower market. Such fun seeing all the different fashions, food and bric-a-brac! :hyper:


    Let’s see…. what keeps me sane…..

    I sing in a women’s barbershop quartet thru Sweet Adelines International.

    I power-walk and jog to blow off steam.

    I sew and quilt when there’s time.

    I used to devour Tom Clancy novels, but I’m finding it hard to swallow so much story these days.

    I love the internet(too much). It’s a great way to exchange ideas with other adults without actually leaving home. I especially enjoy my few favorite theological chat rooms and message boards.


    Y’all have great hobbies. Isn’t life fun. I skydive, play tennis, play guitar, cook, play frisbee with my dog, and enjoy light reading before bed (though the light reading before bed has turned into light review of basic sciences in preparation for Step 1 in June). We have to pass a basic sciences exam that the school administers in April before we’re allowed to opt out of a prep course for Step 1….so BRS physiology is my current light read….lol


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