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    Hi everyone! I don’t post much but read all the time. This site has been a lifesaver.

    I am a non-trad (27 with a BS and a MS) applying to med schools for Fall 2004. I’ve gotten all of my applications complete and am just waiting for interviews and responses, hoping to be a part of the class of Aug. ’04. Lo and behold, I just found out over the holidays that I’m pregnant with my 1st and due at the end of August!

    I’m thrilled about this baby as we were experiencing some infertility issues but am worried about school in the fall. Would it be possible to start (if I get an acceptance)? Or-should I automatically count on deferring for Fall ’05? Any suggestions/similar experiences?

    Thank you! 🙂


    If I was in your shoes I would defer hands down. Having a newborn and going to medical school would be IMHO a lot of stress and you would not fully enjoy neither experience. I remember when I had my first baby how awful it was after maternity leave to go back to work FT (Army). Medical school from my understanding will be hard to adjust to specially during the first semester if not the whole year so that will be hard enough in itself.


    My advice would be to wait and see. See how you feel…how your life is going, etc. I totally think you could start in fall of 04, but you may not want to. Having a baby is such a wonderful experience that you may decide to concentrate solely on that for awhile…enjoying your baby. I had a good friend who deferred for a year…and it was for the better. Once you get accepted into med school, deferring isn’t that big of a deal because you *know* you’re going the following year; and you can plan your life accordingly.


    I am a fourth year, and I had my first child last year and am expecting another this spring. :wave:


    Thanks everyone for your replies!

    Of course, I haven’t actually gotten IN anywhere yet, 🙂 and I had already accepted that I might not get in for Fall 2004 and have to re-apply for Fall 2005 (low MCAT’s). But, this baby threw me for a loop!

    I really appreciate all of the input and I’ll keep you all posted. I love to hear the experience of those who have been there and I truly believe that I can do this: be a doctor AND a mommy!

    🙂 Kathy


    I, too would recommend deferring. That year with your child will be invaluable…and putting off med school 1 more year won’t really make a difference.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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