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    Its been getting quiet around here! 🙁
    I know we’re all really busy, but I wanted to see how everything is going.

    I’m getting ready for an anatomy exam and will have biochem and histology soon thereafter. After that round of tests, I’ll have a break (as far as exams go) until finals. I’ll also be done dissecting in 2 weeks! :goodvibes:

    Anyone else out there?


    Hi, just a quick post. Doing head and neck right now then WE ARE DONE WITH ANATOMY and that stinky, stinky lab 4ever :goodvibes:

    There is a huge party after the end of anatomy (next week) called the Post Gross Toast. Is anyone else having a similar end of anatomy celebration?

    Elise 😀

    P.S. We have hired someone to come and help us in our home every day. Life is soooooooooo much better now 😀

    Ashley SAshley S


    I’m 2 weeks into my peds rotation. Things are hectic, but going well! 😀


    In theory I finished my anatomy dissections for the semester last Thursday…unfortunately, I have to go back in tonight to make sure everything gets done properly! :guilty:

    Only 3 weeks until finals!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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