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    If you are a SAHM and wants to keep your license active, how do you do your CMEs in internal medicine ? What are the options available?


    I’m not in IM, but I used to subscribe to the NEJM, which included a lot of articles to read for CME credit.


    I remember the days of going to conferences, and meetings, and journal quizzes. Now it is all online, all the time. You can surely google “cme internal medicine” and find everything you need. If you are a SAHM now, the cme is the easy part, your challenge is keeping your hand in some occasional clinical work, as that will be your big hurdle if you want to reenter someday. You might want to find some local and free CME in-person for networking purposes- your nearest hospital probably puts some on, just call and ask their med staff office for some dates.


    I do all of my CME through Up To Date. It is expensive, but I use it almost daily to look up clinical information, and then you go back and use the subjects you looked up as CME. I just delete the ones that I used for personal use, and include the ones with which I made clinical decisions.
    I guess this might not be as useful if you are not in a clinical setting right now, but it still may be less expensive than a conference, when you take into account travel, hotel, and dining expenses.


    I read the American Family Physician and do the quizzes. If you are not a member of the AAFP, a subscription, including the CME, is less than $200 a year.


    Conferences . You can find some online, you need to buy an access or you can go somewhere for 2-3 days and get some CME credits. There are pros and cons – online are cheaper, but if you go somewhere you can meet the people and relax for a moment, because conferences always take a place in luxury hotels/spa. Here you can find some:
    Let us know where you’re going! Maybe we’ll join you 🙂


    Thanks for sharing this informative content.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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