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    How long did it take you to figure out what major you were going to pursue? :p

    I feel like a wishy washy (my added vocab) :boggled:



    Took me a semester to decide I didn’t like business and wanted to be a doctor. Took me another semester to pick engineering. Now I wish I would have had more time to take classes in all kinds of other areas–psych, sociology, polysci, etc.


    You know, I don’t remeber ever actually deciding to major in biology. I started college planning to go into clinical lab sciences and then took the premed stuff just to see if i could pass and by then i had more credits toward the b.s degree so just went with it.


    Well, it only took me one semester to decide and 3 years to get my BA in Anthropology… but it’s taken me 8 years on and off to take all the prereq’s and apply to med school!!! :rotfl:

    I recommend taking the extra semester or two to get the major right. 😉 😀



    I took me one year of university after highschool, another after that of mucking things up and being put on AP. Two years of working my butt off at a corporate company, returning to school this fall and realizing my love for the study of life. I finally decided on Kinesiolgy this fall and am very excited about it!



    I had to laugh when I read your question. It took me a long time and has been a long road – and it is just beginning!

    I started college as a music major then quit for a year during which time I had my daughter who is now four. When I returned to college (after finding that I went nuts trying to do the stay at home thing) I changed majors several times, finally ending up on Psych. I intended to pursue a career in that area, but became more and more interested in medicine. I ended up graduating with the Psych degree last May and am very glad that I went that route. Through all the volunteering and shadowng that I have done, I can see the psych classes very beneficial to being a doctor.

    However, now I am delayed in terms of MCAT because I only took Gen Chem and Bio while getting the degree. So, I am trying to catch up. Anyway, I am glad I have the psych major, but wish I had pursued more science classes sooner.


    I’ve always wanted to do a medical sort of degree. I had decided to do nursing. That way if I didn’t get into med school right away, I would have something to fall back on. I work in a research lab and started thinking of a microbiology degree. I’m currently taking a Human Genetics class, and I know that this is what I want to do. I love it! This one class has cemented it for me.

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