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    I often feel like I’m in the minority as currently my girls are doing no extra ‘classes’, we did ballet and may do that again. Some of my friends seem to have their kids in about 4-5 classes per week. How many do you do? I’m a big believer in down-time, using the imagination and can’t help wonder if they are just way over scheduled. I guess if the kids WANT to it’s OK. But Kumon, Math, Reading, Karate, Chess & Soccer in one week (this is just one friend’s 5 year old boys schedule).

    What about you?



    Right now the only extra-curricular activity my 7 year old daughter is doing is karate once a week on the day when school finishes early at 12. She has school from 8:30-3 every other day. Then she is in the afterschool program at her school until 6 (when I get off work) where they have a wonderful garden and playground (even with farm animals) so I thought free-play with her friends in this environment was enough for her and that she didn’t need other scheduled activities.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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