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    Future Mom MDFuture Mom MD

    As for me, I will be applying to only three or four.

    UT Memphis, University Health Science Center




    My list has changed considerably since I first joined mommd.

    It now includes:

    George Washington
    University of Penn

    Schools I’ve deleted off my list and why:

    Georgetown – The “vibes” there didn’t seem too positive for me as a future MD/PhD student with a child. Also, the PhD partnership program with NIH was rejected for reasons that seem “suspicious”.

    UT-Houston – Too far away from my daughter’s Dad, my family, and too hot (I’m an asthmatic).

    Vanderbilt – Not enough URM representation

    Harvard – I’d like to finish the PhD portion of my education in this century. I understand PhD students frequently take up to 8 years for no justifiable reason.

    Howard – They seem to have some real administrative problems. The medical support staff (nurses, pharmacists, ect) recently threatened a strike.

    Maryland – MD/PhD program no longer allows students to dissertation research at NIH/NCI unless you’re a Biophysics student.



    I originally applied to seven schools. Two of the schools had extra requirements (1- signing a contract to stay in their state for five years after graduating- No Way! and one other had biochem requirement which I cannot afford to take at this time). So, anyways, I sent my secondaries to five schools. I sent them out on the ninth of September and have only heard back from one school so far. Only one interview, but I hope this number will increase as the days go by!

    Future Mom MDFuture Mom MD

    Good luck Lori!


    Future Mom,

    I applied to only three schools (last year) because I can not relocate. It worked out for me, but it was a gamble. I got in off a waitlist, but for a while I thought I wasn’t going to get in.

    Adding schools should increase your chances of getting accepted, but it’s not worth applying to schools that you would not want to attend.



    As the number of applicants continues to drop, the statistics improve in your favor…

    An FYI that the year I applied had the highest number of applicants EVER.

    I applied to 14 schools, received secondaries from 12, and sent 10 of those back.

    Received 5 interviews and 4 acceptances and a wait list.

    Now I’m applying for residency… the earliest, roughest list has 83… way more than I am sending applications to. But I figure I will apply to about 15 programs. I’m worried about trying to match in a somewhat competitive specialty with a mediocre GPA (at least for yrs 1 & 2) and board scores.

    Same song, next verse… same as the first…



    Originally posted by spacecadet:
    Adding schools should increase your chances of getting accepted, but it’s not worth applying to schools that you would not want to attend.

    Gotta agree. Don’t waste your time or money applying to somewhere you don’t want to go to.

    I put all of my eggs in one basket and only applied to one school. That’s not always the best way to do things, but I also was not going to relocate & I really liked the school I applied (& was accepted) to.


    Future Mom MD…great to hear that you’ll be applying to the Tennessee schools, especially ETSU! 😀 If you need any info on the school, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help out. I have a lot of friends who applied to and interviewed with Vandy, Meharry, and Memphis as well. When I applied, I thought that my best shot would be a state school, but ended up loving and being accepted at an out-of-state school. Just a thought. Also, the application process can be ridiculously expensive. Not just the initial AMCAS and secondaries, but travel and lodging expenses too. I couldn’t believe the number of interviewees that I encountered who had applied to 20 or more schools and were traveling all over the country. That seems excessive and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Anyhow, let me know if you need anything, and good luck!

    Erin, MS3


    I plan on applying to 15-20 schools. I know that California residents have a really hard time getting into California medical schools, and I would really prefer to stay in CA. As of now, my top choices are UCLA and Loma Linda University.


    I am also applying to about 20 schools (yeah probably excessive but you never know) and casting a very broad net. All the schools that I will be applying to I would go to. I have researched them a lot and would be happy at any of the schools. I am applying to all my state schools (TN) and them mostly private schools in PA, Iowa, Wisconsin, MI. I am shooting for some top ten due to my interest in research and top ten schools tend to be better funded for research endeavors. Soooo although it is a lot I am intent on trying to get in on the first time, if one school accepts me all the money spent will be well worth it. Just my 0.2

    CaLiGirL :)CaLiGirL:)

    Here’s my list:

    UC Davis
    Loma Linda

    I would like to apply to more schools, but I don’t know how harsh the restrictions will be in terms of family/money, etc. Baylor sounds interesting. I heard about it through “spacecadet” and also saw a tv program on it. I wouldn’t mind. I would also like to apply to medschools in Oregon and Washington State (call me weird but I love rainy weather and it’s absolutely beautiful up there), maybe Chicago and a couple of schools in New York. This is if situations allow. We’ll see when the time comes.

    Good Luck everyone 😉 !


    Brenda MayBrenda May

    The MSAR actually posts a statistic about your % of getting accepted compared to number of schools applied to. Dig thru the pages it’s in there somewhere and I can’t find my book to tell you what page it is on. The % chance of getting accepted definately increases as you apply to more schools. From memory, I think it was 60% got at least one offer of acceptance if they apply to over 20 schools.

    I took a gamble like Melissa. I couldn’t relocate for another year and took a chance on the school nearby and only applied to the one school. I figured if I couldn’t relocate for a year why not just try to get into the school I wanted and wait until next year to apply to the rest (I was looking into about 19 schools). I lucked out and got in so I don’t need to worry about relocating!!


    Here’s my two cents :twocents: (hee hee, just wanted to use the new smiley)

    I applied to three and got accepted to three. Many students complained that they had huge expenses in travelling to so many schools for interviews. That, and so much time away from classes dropped their GPA. Not nice when you are a medical school applicant.

    My advice is: do research on the schools you are applying to. Don’t waste your time/money/GPA on a school that isn’t worth your time.

    Good luck!

    Elise 😀




    (Formerly Spiritdoc2b) I’ve decided to let my April 2004 MCAT be my guide 😉

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