How to start the JOURNEY from Banking to MD?

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    Hi to all,
    I am going to be totally honest… I am so new to this although spent months trying to figure our how to start, and contemplating whether switching from my current career as Regulatory Compliance Director in a tier 1 bank to Doctor is truly what I want. It has been 10 months and the answer is YES, that’s what I would like; however I need planning – where to start? 🙂

    I am a mother of 4 adorable kids ranging from 14 to 7 years, am 35 years young (excuse me!!!) with an amazing supportive husband and mother. I have been volunteering in an oncologic occupational therapy charity for years… well, I am used to follow my mother around in hospitals. The passion is there.

    Back to the journey to become one…I take that for med school I will have to start my study from scratch as my degree is totally unrelated and foreign (Irish – how much I miss home!).

    Should I attend a community college then migrate to university for pre-med pre-requisites prior to sitting MCAT? I am based in Florida.

    I am so lost – help is much appreciated please. Thank you in advance.

    Happy 2017 to all xx

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