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    Hellooo 🙂

    I just joined in… Would like to get some input from everyone as in how to approach this…

    I would really like to try to apply to medical school, but, I am not sure if I am qualify to do so. This is mainly because I didn’t do so well with by B.S. degree. I only got a 3.1 overall GPA when I graduated in 1999. However, I have most of the prereq, except some biology courses…


    Can anyone give me some encouragement ??? Feel like I have a dream to make real, but feels uncertain and don’t know how to approach things… Needs lots of advises and help 🙂

    Thanks !


    Your overall GPA might be not what you expected but what about you BCPM (science GPA) that might make the difference. Also you have to kill the with your NCLEX score. If you want a little encuragement on med school acceptance with your GPA check out http://www.mdapplicants.com and place in your Stats you might be surprised. Also make sure you Ace that bio class


    sorry oops not NCLEX I meant MCATS


    You can certainly get into medical school with a lower GPA but you will have to prove to the admissions folks that you can “hack” it. This can be done via recent coursework in upper level science classes or even possibly retaking some of your pre-reqs if the grades were not too good. Some medical schools will not accept pre-reqs older than 5 years so check with medical schools. You will have to prove yourself also with the MCAT, getting a good score will help you. If you do not have any clinical experience you need to get involved in something that will expose you to what medicine will entail. If I was in your shoes I would set up some appointments with admissions directors at nearby medical schools and see what they have to say about your chances and what you need to do to gain acceptance. This can be very valuable because no matter what *we* on this board think, it all will come down to how *they* perceive your application potential. Good luck.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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