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    Jen In N. GAJen In N. GA

    I am new to this site and I have to say that I just browsing through I realize that I am not the only “nerd” that is SOOOO focused on grades and studying – that noone else seems to understand (except for my friends at school).

    My semester begins Monday and I am trying to finish all my projects around the house because I know that my wings will be clipped and I won’t have anymore time. :rolleyes:

    Any thought? I’m not alone right? 😉


    I tip my hat to you. Classes for me start on the 21 and I would like to know how do you stay so focused. Clue me in. I am so unorganized with work school and my son.

    Jen In N. GAJen In N. GA

    I have a lot of help from my husband – however, he leavies for Iraq in MArch :weeping: and I am alittle nervous – I know what it took for me to pull a 3.8 last semester.


    Im a bonafide nerd….yep…and I love it. But this kinds does me no good when Im out (on rare occassion) with my husband’s friends and their wives! I know what you mean about trying to finish things before school starts again, I need to spring clean in the winter to be ready…I always have assignments over spring break.

    I dont know that I ever feel quite organized, but I still stay focused because I prioritize and know how much time I will have for this and that….then I begin to focus on one task at a time but yet never feeling fully organized. I must be doing something right though. I work 1-2d a week, go to school full-time, have 6 kids and husband……so if I can do it you can do it! :yes: 😀 😀


    One thing I started doing last semester so that I didn’t forget anything was to keep a monthly “TO DO” list on my desk. I used a different colored pen for each class, one for all appointments, and one for everything that had to get done around the house. I included the date each assignment was due. When each item was completed, I put a check mark beside it. I was amazed by how well it helped me keep on top of things! Using different colors also saved time when I needed to know at a glance where I was in each class/project/etc. Plus, it was a great encouragement to look back at the end of the month and review everything I had managed to accomplish!!! I plan to continue my “TO DO” list next semester–in fact, I will start again next week when classes resume. 😀


    No you are not alone! 😀 It does feel like it sometimes, though, doesn’t it? I have to come here and get reminded that I’m not alone!

    Something that I have had to come to terms with is that I cannot do really well in school and keep my house spotless and totally decorated, beautiful, etc. This is very hard for me because I am a perfectionist. It isn’t enough for me to get a 4.0 GPA, I also need to have the perfect house. I am really trying to stop thinking like that. Part of that is choosing things that are functional rather than the highest style. We have a ton of organizational things around that make it easy to keep things in there place. They don;t always make the best style statement, but oh well. Maybe there are those of you out there who can do both these things really well. Go you! But, not me! So, I am working on loosening up on my standards for the house. You also have to realize my mom keeps the perfect house, so I feel like it is expected. Oh well! :rolleyes:

    Anyway, I am trying to do whatever I can to make my life more efficient. Not sure how well it’s working, though… :scratchchin:



    I feel your pain!!! :banghead: I’m also a perfectionist, and it is so hard to keep the house immaculate and chase after 3 kids, and keep up your grades, carrying a full schedule.

    I saw a garden sign at my friends home that said
    It totally cracked me up!! :laughing:
    Good luck with everything!



    Yep, count me in as well I *have* to make and A or I feel that I failed the class…lol Sometimes even when I do get an A I still wonder if I really learned enough.

    BUT my house on the other hand is always a disaster! I hate it! I hate to clean 🙁

    I have 2 kids at home that I am homeschooling as well (crappy schools you would not send your dogs to). So there is just always something that needs to be done and never gets done.


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