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    So I was seriously going insane trying to go to school while working and planning a wedding and living alone. I honestly don’t know how you girls with families do it. I was having so many conflicts with my (night shift) work schedule and class that I didn’t know whether to be tired or wired or go to class or sleep or sleep in class or…

    Anyways, I kind of regret dropping 2nd semester organic (it will be a bear to take next year when I’ve forgotten everything), but it just had to happen. What will med schools say?

    Thanks for letting me share 🙂


    Hi Amysunshine! I haven’t posted in a long time, but I too dropped Orgo this fall (only one month into 1st semester, because I couldn’t handle teaching 2nd grade, raising a 9-month old and doing lab and class!). I hope if I do plan to continue taking my med school pre-reqs, which is tenuous at this point, that medical schools would be forgiving and recognize it not as a weakness but rather as a good judgment call on my part. What do you think?



    I dropped Orgo last fall as well after half way thru the semester. I’ve been studying Orgo on my own for the MCAT that I plan to take in April. My plan is to take Orgo over the Summer. I think I did a good thing because I couldn’t have taken 12 credits and studied for MCAT all at the same time. Also Orgo is only 35% of Bio on the MCAT. It is very doable. I am following ExamKrackers material.
    From what I hear med schools understand that as non traditional students we have several other commitments. As long as we have only 1 pre req left to complete at the time of applying, it should be ok. I figured its best to know my pace and do what ever keeps me sane!



    Well its better to drop it and re-take it than to flunk it!! Right?



    I just wanted to pop in and say that I had to drop a chem class and also had to spread my prereq’s out over a 7 year period due to family circumstances. But, I’ve been accepted to an excellent med school this year!

    You need to be able to show great grades and that you can handle difficult coursework, but you don’t have to be superwoman!

    One caveat, although it doesn’t sound like any of you are doing this, it’s not good to have all your prereqs taken one at a time without having other responsibilities, like a job or family. Some med schools will want to see fulltime coursework in your recent (2-3 years) history.

    You gals are obviously juggling multiple responsibilities, and like Marilyn said, better to drop it than flunk it!


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