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    I am copying this from the Intro topic.

    New to this forum and looking for encouragement! I know it’s not a new topic and have read the great things people have said and the courage shown by people pursuing their dreams. Here’s my story…

    Hi. I’m from good ol Britain – live in London. I was going to post on this forum under the kids -vs – medicine, but saw this.

    Here’s my situation – I would love some advice as I am at a real crossroads. I am 37, married with two kids, husband is a teacher. I have a good enough career in IT but have always secretly wished to be a doctor. Recently I realized that it was not too late to study medicine.

    The issues are as follows:
    – As with others on this forum, my concern is for my family: am I being selfish, will I be able to devote enough time to them, eg getting them through their 11+ (which takes constant time) and be there for their important landmarks like school plays, parents evenings, etc?

    – As I have an arts degree (2:1) and only science O Levels (all B’s) will I actually be able to get into medical school to pursue my dream? I know I am too late for Sep 2003 but doubt if they’d let me in given lack of recent science knowledge. For Sep 2004 I can take the GAMSAT test for St George’s but this will require a great deal of work beforehand with no guarantee of getting in.

    – Is it worth waiting for the 4-year graduate program or do a 6 year MBBS? If I go for the 4-year one I will not know if I have got in till June 2004. A long wait and many eggs in one basket..

    – Should we move outside London and try to get into a med school somewhere else? It will be cheaper to live. If so, where? Any advice?

    These are some of my concerns, not to mention the financial burden (we would probably sell our 4-bed house and move out of London into a smaller place. But this is such a big sacrifice to ask my family to make.) My husband says he is supportive if this is my real vocation. I think it is.

    Please – advice welcome!!




    Since I don’t know anything about the British med school system, I really can’t offer any advice – only encouragement.

    I’m going to be starting school this year, and I have two young sons. I know that I’ll be able to do it, but I have the same concerns about losing time with my family. I plan to devote every scrap of my free time to my husband and kids, and I’m hoping that they will be understanding of why I won’t be able to do everything with them that I’d like to.

    I hope you got some advice on your courses and such on one of the other forums. Welcome to MomMD and the Premeds forum.



    I sent you a personal email. I have a great way that you can go to Medical School without moving your family or giving up valuable time with your kids. Email at:glaccier100@aol.com
    Have a great eveving and I will look forward to talking with you soon. [email]glacier100@aol.com[/email] 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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