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    Is there any difference in being a M.D versus an Ob/GYN and what is the diiference if there is any on the cirriculum part. I can’t think of the two types of doctors but one starts with an o and the other with an a. what is the difference between them two?thanks :banghead: guys


    I think you’re trying to sort out M.D. (allopathic medicine) vs. D.O. (osteopathic medicine).

    Both are the same basic curriculum (4 years with the first 2 years usually being mostly classroom-based and the last 2 usually being clinical rotations) and they are licensed and practice the same way. There are some philosophical differences and D.O.s also learn how to do osteopathic manipulative therapy (OMT or OMM), but both types of physicians often practice nearly identically. Both types of physicians can specialize in any area, although D.O.s choose primary care specialties (family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics, OB/Gyn) at higher rates than M.D.s.

    Hope this helps! 😉


    This isn’t a stupid question, I have wanted to be a doctor for a long time and I didn’t know what a DO vs. MD was or the specifics of an Ob-Gyn. In medicine you first choose between osteopathic and allopathic medicine, between being a DO and an MD. After that it is time to decide what you will specialize in. You may specialize in general medicine in three areas: family medicine, internal medicine or pediatrics. Sometimes surgery is considered a generalist specialty. Within these general specialties are another category of specialties, where you would find an Ob-Gyn, and other doctors such as cardiologists, dermatologists and oncologists. In specific regards to Ob-Gyn, this is a specialty that combines human sexuality, reproduction and birth. Obstrecians provide prenatal care and deliver babies. While gynecologists provide normal reproductive health care for women. I hope this helps and keep asking your questions. :yes:

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