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    how do i go about doing this. i am at a community college right now and i am taking pre- med classes. i just don’t know when i am supposed to start on my psychology courses. i hope med schools will be receptive to my major and i have no idea what to minor in. please help


    I graduated with a BS in Psychology and I’m a Med 1 student now. At my college we had a minor called “life science” which was basically for pre-med students who were not science majors as a way to get a minor out of all those science pre-reqs. I would highly recommend to you to wait until you enter the main college to begin your psychology courses, except for intro psych. Take intro psych where you are to make sure you like it. Also, be very careful to make sure that the courses you are taking at the cc will transfer over and will serve for the medical school pre-reqs. I’ve seen too many folks try to transfer cc courses to the larger university and end up having to take a bunch of extra classes b/c the courses only transferred as “general credit”. Grrrrr. Luckily, that only happened to me with 1 or two courses when I transfered from the University of Toledo (a 4-year college) to OSU. As it was, completion of the Psych degree + prereqs and a lot of extra science courses I took just to make sure I could handle the heavy stuff took 5 years. That was okay because my background was so strong that I was well prepared for medical school. The psych degree makes no difference to your acceptance. Get the degree you will be happy with. Given your goals, you could even get a degree in Religion or Theology if you wanted. Or Spanish. Or whatever. It makes no difference.

    Good luck to you and feel free to PM me if you have any personal questions.

    Elise 😀


    I strongly recommend that you talk to an advisor at the university where you will complete your degree. They can tell you what classes to take at the CC level, what will transfer, and how to go about making sure you have all your “ducks in a row.” Every university has it’s own quirks, so general advice here might actually cause you a problem down the road.

    Many of us have undergrad degrees in nonscience fields. Mine is Anthropology! The premed requirements might be a minor or just satisfy your core requirements in science at the university. Doing a different major from the usual Bio/Biochem that premeds often major in won’t be more work, in my opinion. It’ll allow you to replace some of those upperlevel sciences required for Bio majors (that aren’t needed for med school) with something you really enjoy, like psych classes.

    The missionary work is a huge plus, in my opinion! Doesn’t matter if it’s only a week. You will learn so much, and not just about medicine!

    Good luck!

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