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    I asked my biology professor at least a month ago about writing me a LOR.

    She stated that she would.

    OK I mailed her the forms as I no longer see her as I am on another campus and we only contact each other by email.

    I called yesterday to the places to where they should have been sent and they have no LOR from her.

    I have tried emailing her and have even written her a note and mailed it. What should I do? I am soooo mad.



    Maybe she doesn’t know what to write. Did you give her a history of yourself and a personal statement? I always gave these to the professors along with the forms so that they would know more about me in order to write the letters. Also, profs are really, really busy at certain times of the year because of grant proposals–without which they cannot continue their research and remain profs. You need to be patient. It sometimes takes up to six months for a prof to write a letter. You don’t want to hurry her and then she gets annoyed. Some professors do write NEGATIVE letters 😮 . Don’t forget that.

    Next time, ask the profs “Would you be willing to write a FAVORABLE letter of recommendation for me for medical school?” This is really important, along with the timely submission of the forms and your personal statement. They will be so much more supportive of you if they understand why you want to be a doc. Also, make sure you fill out the forms completely. Additionally, enclose a stamp for them to mail out the letter to career services or whoever it is on campus that handles your recommendation letters. This is a nice touch that says a lot about you and your level of maturity. 😉

    If anyone has any questions about getting letters written or the whole letter process, please post them here and I will try the best I can to answer them, as will some of the other med student/docs on this forum. Good luck!

    Elise 😀
    Med 1

    P.S. Did you check the box that indicates that you waive your rights to see the letter? This is important and lends huge credibility to the LOR.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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