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    Future Mom MDFuture Mom MD

    I finally got up the guts to ask my Internal Medicine physician about shawdowing, which was yesterday. He was like yeah,when do you want to do it. How about tomorrow? I was speechless and I said tomorrow will be fine. We will do clinic rounds first and then go to the hospital for his rounds there.

    Okay the hard part is done, I found someone to shawdow. Now what kind of questions should I ask. I really do not know what to do. I am to just observe and when the time comes, put it on my extracurricular list?

    Sheretta :confused:


    GREAT STUFF! You will have questions and they will just come to you, and I would definitely ask when the moment seems convenient. Can’t wait to hear, post back and tell us everything!

    Good luck,


    Good luck with the shadowing.

    You can ask about what is being done with the patients and why. You can also ask about the day-to-day issues in having a medical practice. Mostly I’ve found that I spend most of my time just watching and soaking it all in. Be sure to have fun with it! 😉


    Another thing that I found extremely helpful was shadowing physicians from different specialties. This has been eye opening to say the least, I assumed that anesthesia would not be something I would even be remotely inclined to do, but it is actually a great specialty. I learned a ton from following this doc and he was very comfortable at me being right behind him and asking some questions. He stated that anesthesia is a great field, specially for individuals with small ones, the hours are not as bad as surgery and it is a very exciting field. Anyways, just try to shadow different docs, you may be surprised…

    Future Mom MDFuture Mom MD

    I have to tell you guys that everything went great yesterday.

    I have to say that this doctor went beyond his duty of letting me shawdow him. I started at the clinic. He saw 6 patients there and did one treadmill. After that, I went with him to do hospitals rounds. We saw 12 patients there.

    Before each patient, he took the chart out and explained each case to me, what certain lab values meant, etc. He gave me more information than I could handle, but I was truly amazed.

    I got to see some great things too. Two of his cases were very interesting. This one guy had a reaction to his Coumadin that gave him necrosis of his skin. They removed the skin and it was just really all flesh showing as he was going in to have surgery to put skin grafts on the skin.

    He even let me feel the patient’s legs at teh rehab hospital to see how thick this woman’s skin had gotten from her veins being weak. Her ankles and feet were really, really swollen and the skin was thick that when you held down on it, you could actually feel the hard skin beneath.

    I got to see a Pap done and a treadmill.

    I really learned a lot and the most amazing part is that eventhough I worked 12 hours with him yesterday it felt good and made me really realize that this is what my purpose is in life. The smiles that he received yesterday and the thanks just made me teary eyed. The variation of the cases also made me realize that I will never be bored. There will always be a problem to solve.



    Awesome!! 😀 Let us know if you get to go again!

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