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    I have this upper level history class of american foreign policy. The professor flat out told us he is very strict and a harsh grader. A lot of our tests will be involving identifications paragraphs on the person he names. I am totally freaking. I have heard if you are a good writer, then you will get a good grade in his class. Well, english has never been one of my strengths. Besides, isnt this a history class? I understand one needs to be able to communicate effectively. I just dont know how flowing my thoughts into words will be on a pop quiz given only minutes, let alone the tests. Yikes. This class is going to be VERY time consuming with the readings alone. Do you all think Im prematurely freaking? I feel so overwhelmed right now.

    Jade 's MomJade’s Mom

    Relax, take it one step at a time. The one thing I’ve learned when you have a heavy courseload is time management. Figure out a schedule of study time and stick to it. Think positive! You only have to prepare for one test at a time. Also, the more you read, the faster you get. I imagine you’ll have to do some pretty fast reading in Med school. Don’t know if this helps any. Good luck!

    DO HopefulDO Hopeful

    I’m the opposite of you: Being an English major undergrad, I actually enjoy writing, but have always thought of myself as being weak in math. I know that schools usually have tutors for math courses or math labs, but I don’t know there is an equivalent for writing.

    But to be quite honest, I have read lots of your posts, and you already seem to communicate your thoughts and opinions really well. I think you’ll do fine with the writing as long as you know the material well enough.

    I don’t think you’re freaking out prematurely. On the flip side, if I were taking a Calculus class, I’d be freaking out just buying the book for the class :rotfl: I think that for me, I’ve always told myself that I’m weak in math so I’ve always believed it. Until I took a statistics class a few years ago and got an A. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. I’m taking this Intro to Chem class that has math I haven’t seen in 15 years! 😮 But I’m trying to have a more positive perspective about it and change the way I’ve thought about “me and math.” It sounds simple and silly, but I’m trying to make it work for me. (I’ll let you know how well this positive attitude works at the end of this term) People are always saying how powerful the mind is: if you believe it to be true than it will be true.

    When it comes to essay tests, I think that expressing your thoughts clearly is what matters more than nit-picky grammar stuff. And like I said, I think you already know how to communicate well in writing. 🙂


    I totally agree with DO Hopeful, I think you do a great job of expressing things in writing. My husband teaches college and I have seen the writing of the students. You write better in your sleep! 😀 I think you have to realize that a lot of profs try to scare their students into working hard because they won’t otherwise. I think that us untraditional students realize that we have to work our butts off, and try a lot harder to begin with. So, take it with a grain of salt. he may end up being a dud, but I have often enjoyed the most the teachers that others have told me are the hardest.

    On the other hand, I can totally relate to you freaking out! :tired: I do the same thing every semester. It is just so much all at once. I know you probably know this, but taking it one day at a time helps me. I need to hear that myself right now…hmmm :scratchchin:

    Do you know anyone else that has taken this class? It may help to see if you can get some notes or examples from previous tests to see what to focus on in the readings. Just a thought…

    I think that you would be an awesome student to have in a history class because you are a thinker and you work. You can do it! Rah rah! :rotfl:



    DO Hopeful,
    Glad to hear you are an English major! I may need your help! 😉 The math thing, boy can I relate to you on that one! In nursing we only needed algebra. I hadnt had math in years…always considered it a weak point. Last semester I had MA 153 (1st part of precalc)I had this professor who taught well, who wasnt easy. I got an A! And believe you me, to instill math confidence in me, is like a miracle. Study hard and you’ll do it. Im telling you. If I can you can. I was so anxious. That is the A, I am most proud of. Now Im taking the second part, and with math confidence, I can say it is easy. I also think the material is easier than the first part, so far anyway.
    Jade’smom, thanks for your support! Nobody takes my freaking out seriously because I usually get A’s. But as much as I hate to admitt it, I cant be perfect in everything.
    No, I dont know anyone who has had the class. I have heard like I said above, that he is harsh, strict, and if you are a good writer, you’ll do well. I also heard he will tell you things to study and ask for totally something different on tests. Does not make me feel good at all.
    I do feel better now that you guys think I express my thoughts well. But of course, when I make my posts, Im never under pressure!
    I truly am a science type person. Humanities is a whole new world for me!


    I think you will do well in this class. As the others have already pointed out, you have no problems expressing yourself (at least on this BB!) My situation is the same as DOHopeful; I wasn’t an English major, but a journalism major (close enough) and English has always been my strongest subject. I enjoy history/poli sci/philosophy/ and any other liberal arts -ologies so it will be interesting to see how well I do with the math/science prereqs for med school!

    A lot of profs claim to be harsh graders/strict, etc. Some of them are, but some of them just want to scare you and see if you have what it takes. The semester just started so I would wait and see how you do on the first test. If the prof. is as hard as he says he is and you don’t want to deal with the aggravation, you can always drop the class and either take it with another prof. or drop it all together. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.



    I dropped the class. I am obsessive-compulsive about the learning material. It was requiring too much time. I didnt want that spent time to be reflected in lower grades in the sciences. As it was, I added that class over break without and advice from my advisor to fit in to a good time slot. BAD IDEA. I talked to my advisor before droping and she FLAT OUT told me she wouldnt have done that (add that class) in a million years. She is straight up. Will tell you what professors to avoid, etc. She is awesome when it comes to those important things. So I dropped. I feel MUCH better now. I have 10 credits.
    Good luck in stepping into the sciences! Let me know how it’s going!

    Thanks to all for your responses!


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