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    It was a dream that both my husband and I both had the same night(same dream about me being pregnant) and the sick feeling I felt in my stomach one evening on a bus ride that propelled me to buy a pregnancy home test. When I first saw that it was positive I couldn’t beleive it. We were not trying and there has been several times before that I got off the pill to give my body a break (as recent as this past summer) and nothing ever happened ~ until now.And that is why my friends that I burst into to tears of joy when I found out! God has a plan for me and I am going to follow it. 😀 God has planned it so well, and we did it so right, that I will not have to take any time off of school because the baby is due on June 25th!YEAHHHHHH!
    I surprised my husband with the great news a week after I found out with a beautiful card and some baby shoes…he started to cry too!
    This past weekend I just told my family and I have never seen them so happy! My dad began to cry…and I with him. He was overwhelmed with emotion~ as was my mom. They never thought that I would get preggers before I finished school so they were in a state of shock the whole night. :goodvibes:
    It has been great thus far, except I had my first prenatal visit on Fri. and the doctor was kind of rude and I am feeling guilty for wanting to change to another doctor. Hey, I am a first time mommy and to him the questions that I asked may have seemed ridiculous or maybe even too many to ask all at once, but they seemed valid and important for me to have the answers to. He did answer them all, but he then proceeded to tell me to stop reading baby books because I was going to drive myself nuts. :confused: Several questions I asked were whether or not I was doing the baby any harm by eating very lightly all day (you know the student routine)? Or whether the babies neural pores had properly closed? I just got a weird vibe…awful I wanted to bitch him out-sorry, but this was my first prenatal exam ever and he did not make it a “good” experience! 😡
    Well, that is it…I have been blessed to not have any morning sickness, but I do pee an awful lot and my breast are tender and I am very sleepy!I have changed my diet, not drastically though because I was never one to eat junk food anyway….but man do I miss my morning cup of java!I don’t drink carbonated drinks, I don’t drink coffee(anything w/ caffeine-that inlcudes Coke), don’t eat processed meats w/ nitrates…I do eat alot of fruits, drink alot of milk and have an aversion for meat! Am I on the right track?
    I am very excited and scared all at once.
    Mommies out there willing to forward some advice on what your first preganacies were like or thoughts, fears, hopes were~ please do so…maybe it will help me cope with mine better!…thanks! Much love, Kelddy



    That’s too bad about your doctor. Being comfortable and happy with your doctor was very important to me! I understand where he is coming from about reading too much, but I had several books during pregnancy and one was a life-saver. “What to Expect During Pregnancy”; this is a whole series of books; …during the first year, …during breastfeeding, etc.
    It’s a wonderful book and it answered almost all of my questions (and likely saved my doctor’s and her nurse prac. sanity!!)! It sounds like your off to a wonderful start. :twocents: I feel that it’s more about genetics. My grandma had eight kids, all of whom are very intelligent and super healthy. She lives on black coffee and fried foods. How did the pioneer women ever have kids without people telling them what all NOT to have?
    The wonderful aspects of being pregnant come and go too quickly, so I just enjoyed my time that I had and left the rest to the powers that be. No matter what you do, risks are involved, so don’t dwell on those. Enjoy and get ready!! 😉

    Best wishes and my congrats!!


    Kel, that’s fantastic! Well, I guess we can meet for some uncaffinated tea, then, if my rollercoaster of a life ever stops. 😉 Who knows? Maybe by then we’ll both be in the same predicament!

    How are your classes going? Drop me a PM sometime, ok?


    Ps: I have 2 great books on pregnancy: “Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy,” which is riddled with inaccurate info, but has good stuff, too, and more importantly, is funny. Also, “The Unofficial Guide to Having a Baby” is great, too – I found the financial section very helpful.


    Congratulations! First of all, enjoy your pregnancy. My first pregnancy was as good as it can be. I loved it. I read the book mentioned before: “What to expect when you are expecting”. It was great. That helped me to know what to worry about. When you know more than the usual patient but have no experience in the specialty it makes you worry too much. The book allowed me to relax and know that many times I had the same questions than any other mom to be. Now I am pregnant again….. but with twins and I haven’t found a book as good as that one for this pregnancy. I have read a lot of literature though and I am still driving crazy my OB and his staff with my worries. Sometimes I’ve felt like changing but I talked to him seriously about it and it helped things go smoother.
    Well, let us know how things are going during this wonderful journey,


    Has anyone read “THe Pregnancy Book” by William and Martha Sears? Their other books on baby care and discipline are excellent, I think I may buy the pregnancy book with my next one. I also loved “advice from a pregnant obstetrician”.

    Best of luck to you! 🙂


    don’t be afraid to switch OB’s if you aren’t comfortable. I made the move six months into my first pregnancy….I should have done it SOONER!!! The difference was astounding. Not only did my new OB answer all my questions with what seemed like joy, but he truly seemed to enjoy the entire process. My first OB didn’t WANT to answer all my questions and in fact told me once that “you don’t need to know that”. This should be an exciting and rewarding experience. Talk to your OB and if you don’t find him/her willing to work with you……don’t be afraid to look elsewhere for an OB that fits your style better!!!!


    :twocents: :wave:
    wow! way to go girl :goodvibes: ! Good luck with the next 18.75+ years of your life! I agree with some of the other responses about changing docs if you feel uncomfortable. I might add that many docs will only take so many deliveries per month so if you want to change, do it soon. You need a doc who appreciates your intelligence and need for knowledge. Read lots of books if you want, so what? It’ll give you confidence and knowledge, and let you know what’s normal and what’s not. Also, you’ll really kick butt in embryology and OB/GYN in medical school!

    Best wishes, my dear. Let us know how things progress!

    Elise 😀


    Hi all, thanks so much for all your replies! Yeah, I already have a new doctor…I am just embarassed to call the old doc.’s office and ask them to forward my chart to the new doctors office? I’m gonna do it sonner or later anyways…thank you so much to all and I will keep everyone posted. 😉


    Congratulations! Have you visited the Student Parent Center at Berkeley? (i think i recall reading that you go there…right? i hope:))

    take care..trish

    CaLiGirL :)CaLiGirL:)


    My pregnancy with my daughter was a difficult one. I wasn’t prepared to be pregnant at such a young age, and all of the complications didn’t help. Overall, I don’t think I enjoyed my pregnancy the way I should have. I was very pessimistic and depressed and I blame it all on the hormones. Regardless, it was a memory to cherish, b/c a very special little girl came out of it. 🙂

    I sincerely hope you enjoy your pregnancy and experience it to the fullest. If changing physicians will make the ride that much smoother, then go for it! It’s your pregnancy, your child, your memory, and there’s no need for anyone to bring it down…

    You will be in my prayers. Hang in there and hopefully you can give us some updates on the progress of your pregnancy and balancing it with school.

    Once again, congratulations…I wish the best for you, your husband, and your child 😉 .


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