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    I really just need to vent a little tonight. Anyone care to join me? I’m getting frustrated with the slowness of the process of “getting there,” while at the same time I’m a nervous wreck about whether or not I’ll get in. I want this so much. Like many non-trads, I don’t have the longest list of volunteer experience or research – I just don’t have time with my two little ones. Going to school is about all I can do right now. Being part time, will I be able to get acedemic recommendations? My grades are okay – science GPA is pretty good – 3.75 (3.94 postbacc). I just wish there were some small certainty in this process. All the unknows really get me down at times. I’ll be applying next summer and the suspense is already killing me. Anyone else out there that has gone through this? Am I just a NUT???? Thanks for the opportunity to vent.

    CaLiGirL :)CaLiGirL:)

    hi angie,

    i think its the best thing to do…vent when you feel necessary. i do have to admit, the process feels like it could take forever. i was at a local community college for 4 whole years…to think, within that time people finish their whole undergrad experience!! i had to do so to focus all of my attention on my daughter. now, i’m finally transferring to a 4 yr. university and i will apply to med school next year. i guess what its all about is closing your eyes and just going for it full-heartedly. before you know it, you’ll be able to smell medschool… :p

    however, when it comes to extra curricular activities, i certainly do not have a long list either. i feel as if i am at a disadvantage against the “free” students. time is ALWAYS an issue for me and i too would love words of encouragement…to be able to feel that i have a chance, that i’m working this hard right now for a good purpose. i guess if someone were to offer you advice on that note, it would be a great help to me as well.

    regardless, its good that you “vented” and your stats are awesome, i don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to earn a spot at a medical school. all i’m saying is that what you’re feeling is normal and i’m sure that the majority of MomMD members feel the same way at times…the important thing is to hang in there and to not give up… 😉

    sorry for the rambling, and i wish you and your family all the luck.



    Hey gals I hear you, but believe me it gets here before you know it (the application process). Looking back I am happy that it takes so long because it gives you plenty of time to change course if the need arises. This is such a demanding profession that we really really need to be sure. Also the waiting has given me more time with my children, yes I have to study but that will be nothing compared to years 3 and 4 in the wards (as far as time away from them goes). So it is frustrating because it seems that you have been trying/wanting/thinking about being a doc for freaking ever and I cannot wait for the day when someone says “so what are you doing”, I can say well, I will be starting med schools in so and so. Anyways just thought I would let you know that you are not alone in the impatience factor :rolleyes:


    Sheesh Ladies, I hear ya! When I started this very daunting process it seemed soooo looooong… but now the prospect of taking the MCAT this coming April and starting the app process is scaring the heck out of me! Already? Am ready for this? I haven’t saved money for the interview travel & expenses, I haven’t done research, I haven’t volunteered. YIKES!

    And then my husband says to me the other day “I think I am going to be stationed in Spain next summer”. 😮 Talk about a curve-ball! But then I started researching and really thinking about that. I can finish my undergrad through distance learning and take an extra year to do it if I want to, I can spend two years absorbing an awesome culture and learning Spanish, I can volunteer the whole time for the Red Cross, and I can take all the time I need studying for the MCAT, deciding where to apply, and just kind of being ABSOLUTELY sure that this is what I want to do.

    I started out with this vision of being finished with med school by the time I was forty, but after spending so much time on these boards, I realize that if I am 42 or 43 it’s really not going to make much difference.

    Anyway, now I am all excited at the prospect of living overseas for a couple of years. I think the experience is going to be great for me and my family. Watch, the stinkin Navy will end up sending us to Michigan instead! LOL Then the race will be back on to keep the original schedule I had laid out…

    I’ll keep you all posted~


    P.S. Any of you who sit on admission committees or are real familiar with the expectations, please comment on whether the Spain experience will help my application.


    Girrl am I jealous, Spain is my home where I grew up! I wish I was you, Madrid is where I spent most of my life at. You will love it, it is a great place for kids too. My daughter is there now with my mom. I do not think that you will have any problems as long as you have e-mail computer which you should. Let me know if there is anything you would like to know about España, I will be more than happy to help. Ahhh how lucky of you!! By the way what does your hubby do? I wish my hubby could get stationed there… 😮


    Hi Angie!
    I can totally relate. I don’t have kids, but at 30, married to a much older man with grown kids, my baby clock is ticking. And the premed path is long and greuling. About 10 days ago I submitted my AAMCAS online application. I had intended to apply to two NYC schools that require separate applications, and I don’t know if I’ll apply to them at all — I just don’t have the time and energy for it right now.

    There are so many pressures about becoming a doctor that seem to have so little to do with being a doctor… I don’t understand people with seemingly total confidence. I know I’ll be a good doctor, but I also always have doubts about how I’ll “sell” myself to admissions committees…

    I think it’s natural to be ambivalent about the whole process, since it is so long and draining, and the committment required to get to med school is so intense…

    But MomMD and friends who are also in the thick of it make all the difference. We all pull each other through.



    Hi Angie,

    Yes, you are totally right that this is a very long and arduous process. It took me three years to get from my first class through applying (I didn’t have to take that many courses). However, as lots of people told me, this is a marathon and not a sprint! That is definitely true.

    The application process itself is very long, and you need to have a LOT of patience. It’s very frustrating not knowing what is going on most of the time.

    I don’t think you’ll have trouble getting recommendations. Profs are usually happy to recommend their good students, and it sounds like you are definitely one of those!

    It probably would help you to get some clinical experience. I know it’s hard, and I didn’t have much when I applied. However, they really expect you to have it. You have to find something where you feel needed and useful though. I did a stint at the local ER and quit after a couple of times because I was mostly sitting around (and would rather be home with my kid). There are much better opportunities if you look around for them.

    I can definitely sympathize with you. Feel free to vent anytime!



    As the others who posted before…I totally understand the frustration. Please be forewarned, though…the whole process is a big waiting game.

    You take the MCAT and then wait for the score.

    You fill out the primary app(s) and then wait for the secondaries.

    You fill out the seconaries and then wait for calls for interviews.

    You interview and then wait to hear back from the adcoms.

    You get a yes/no/waitlist letter from the adcoms and wait some more.

    I’m not trying to be negative, just letting you know how much waiting is involved. Is is frustrating? You bet! Can you avoid it? Nope!

    But you can always vent around here and find a sympathetic ear!


    I’d like to say the frustration ends there… but it doesn’t. It’s a long, long road… but I still would not choose any other.

    You get in and…

    You slug through year one, spending more time with the cadaver than with your spouse and/or children.

    You keep telling yourself that you’re finally in, you’ve made it as you plod through 1200 page syllabi (my physio syllabus really was that long)… but finally first year ends and you are SO glad you made it through.

    Second year, you freak about Boards – all year long. The gunners start studying by October, worrying everyone else.

    Path is kinda cool – you’re finally learning about all those diseases, but you still have those “I can’t believe I’m paying these people to do this to me!” moments. They increase as Boards grow near, but you’re anxious to get it done with and on to clinicals.

    Boards. They suck. Nothing more can be said.

    Third year – the residents and attendings expect you to know all about peds, obstetrics, etc. the first day of your rotation and you can barely find the radiology department or find out the labs on your patients. You are tired, grumpy, with no time to study… but you are doing it! Medicine! The reason why you’ve worked so hard for so many years. Thinking about it post-call, you fall asleep in your dinner.

    Fourth year (my current location) – a walk in the park, right? That’s what everyone says, except you have Step 2 to get through and ERAS. What are you going to specialize in? Where are you applying? Who did you get letters from? How is your dean’s letter? How competitive are you for that tough specialty? Why did I ever think AMCAS was difficult? You wait and wait and wait and wait for Match Day. The hood and tassle seem so close… but the spector of residency and “what do you mean, I’m the doctor?” scares you silly and you feel like you haven’t learned a thing in 4 yrs – you know nothing.

    It’s very zen-like, but everything will come in time. All of it. Vent at whoever will listen, but know you are not alone. We are all on our journey… and that’s what it is – a journey, not a race.

    Linda 😎 (the 4th year med student look)


    Linda (from TN), thanks for the big picture. You rock! :p


    :p Linda,
    😀 Give me more more more
    :p What was 1st, and 2nd year really like?



    Linda, since I’m studying my hiney off in preparation for my first gross anatomy QUIZ (feels like a midterm!!) first thing Monday morning, I just have to do this:

    😮 (the first year med student look)

    LOL! 🙂
    M1 UKY-COM
    (a different Raina from rkphillips; p.s., I pm’ed you back, Raina! 🙂 )

    Brenda MayBrenda May

    Will it take forever? Will something always get in the way of the application?

    I met someone that put it in perspective. I am 29, she is 54. She is in her second year of medical school.

    If you want it bad enough, time is not a factor. Just let it happen when it does.

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