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    I am starting this thread in honor of you, Sethina, for all your effort and handwork not only to achieve your own personal goals, but for the sake of ours.

    These typed words could never convey the honor, and appreciation for you that I have deep within. You carried our cross in pursuance of your dream, and you placed that cross erect on a solid foundation the first day Mommd became an active site, for we all could now, with each other’s support, ensure that cross never did so much as sway.

    With your dedication you have touched the lives of many, and kept their dreams alive. May you continue to touch lives by being the person you are, and in the future, enhance this innate ability by being the physician you always aspired to be.

    Everyone, let’s give honor where it is due.Im sure all of you are more than willing to give thanks, appreciation, and honor to Sethina for all she given us. Now is the occassion.

    Best wishes and honor,


    OMG – THANK YOU :goodvibes: 😀 :cloud9: – you brought tears to my eyes. Seriously couldn’t have done it without ALL OF YOU. It has been a journey and I have met so many friends along the way, I only wish I could meet all of you in person. Who knows, perhaps one day. Sounds bizarre but as I was going to my interview I really felt the support of you all behind me, I could picture the MomMD crowd pushing me on. I nearly didn’t bother to send my application in this time! I only hope that each one of you takes that sense of belonging and feeling of support wherever you go, be it an interview, a meeting with the boss, quitting a job, negotiating a raise, anything. From the square-peggers (when we were just an email list) to you very busy, intelligent and active ladies, if this is what can be accomplished with the support of others god help anyway to get’s in a MomMD or MomDO’s way. We are only a small fraction of the women in medicine out there, I only wish everyone could find us and feel the same. I do sense that MomMD will be around for sometime, I have a lot to organize before starting – $$$$$, a move across continents, jobs and much more. This all takes time and I’ll be working on MomMD everyday as always for the next 8 months at least. I will not allow something I have dedicated five years of my life to disappear so please don’t worry about that. If anything, I hope we get busier than EVER.

    I also want to mention the many that have also attained their goals overtime as well as those to mentored and helped along the way. Many, many, many of us have gone through amazing things over the years – war, Sept 11th, divorce, death, birth, leaving medicine, going to medical school and who knows what else. One thing that stands out is the courage and strength of these women. If you have been shy in participating in MomMD – don’t be – these women will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

    OK now getting too Oprah sounding!! You get the idea. Must go now. Thank you PremedRN for those wonderful words.


    I want you to know that you have changed my life forever. Without the support from the women on this site I know I wouldn’t be as strong. I have 3 young children, and I constantly get the “You are going to school for WHAT?” or “You are abandoning your children.” (grrrr!) This site is invaluable to me. It has kept my dream alive. I have made some wonderful friends, and learned some information I could not have gotten anywhere else.
    Words of appreciation for all that you do, escape me, but you will always have a special place in my heart! :goodvibes:


    For a number of years I toyed with the idea of medical school. Tossed it up in casual conversations with family and friends just to see what they thought. After their less than positive reactions, my dream went back into the closet.

    One night I did a search…nontraditional medical students and found this wonderful site. :wave:

    Although I have a ways to go, I certainly would not be on the path were it not for this incredibly inspirational site.

    Congrats to you.


    shauna ,MS,MomMD2Bshauna,MS,MomMD2B

    I found this site because I needed hope that I could have kids while in medical school, and BOY have I been blessed to glean from the experiences of the MomMD’s on this site!

    Thank you Sethina! I have gained an immense amount of encouragement that I CAN do what all these other superwomen are doing, because of all the posts on this site. It’s truly been a Godsend to me.

    God Bless You! We Love You! :grouphug:



    Words of Thanks from this side too!

    Before coming to this site, I was kinda confused in having future relationship with a female doctor. This is due to all those news of higher divorce rates for physicians and their lack of family life.

    Now, I feel confident of how can I be a supporting spouse while she’ll be saving human lives!

    Thanks sooooo much!!!



    Thanks so much Sethina!!! Sorry I have been AWOL lately…School has been a bit much for me! Thanks for everything you do Sethina!!! You are definately an inspiration to all of us! 🙂

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