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    pls. guide me on what is intern program as i dont know it as i am an IMG and what are you eligible for doing after completing an intern program
    thanking you in anticipation


    The intern program is usually the first year of residency in general. I am pretty certain that you can do this alone, but it can also refer to the first year of the entire categorical residency.

    As an IMG, I don’t think you are able to apply for a lisence to practice until you have 2 years of training under your belt. But htis may only be the case in West Virginia. I think there are web sites for liscening information. So, you wouldn’t be able to practice unless you have a lisence, so I don’t think you can do that much as an IMG after only having your internship accomplished.



    It depends on the state one wants to live and practice in. Many states require only 1 year of training but others require two. There is a website to check on the requirements to get licensed, state by state. It’s the Federation of State Medical Boards. You can be licensed after only one year of training but I don’t know too many people who intend to practice medicine as a General Practitioner for long. Usually if one doesn’t enter a formal residency as part of their internship year, they may moonlight or work in an Urgent Care Center until they enter residency.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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