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    Hello all.

    I recently was invited to join about 80 other pre-meds on an “International Mission on Medicine”. Has anyone ever heard of these or taken one before? The tuition is about $4500 for two and a half weeks since I have chosen South Africa. The packet said that community fund-raising was the best way to fund the trip.
    I have a huge list of community organizations and nearly all the businesses AND physicians (although I don’t know how they will feel about funding a pre-med) that I am about to send solicitation letters to. Does anyone have any other ideas or similar experience in this sort of trip that could help with funding?
    I am waiting on the school to respond on assisting, but I am doubtful about them helping. Wish me luck! I think that I will really need it. I doubt that any organizations will help, as most are non-profit. International Missions is for profit, so no one donating can claim it on their taxes. How can I raise funds like that?

    If anyone has any information on International Mission trips, I’d be very grateful for your input.

    Thank you,



    Did you try or other scholarship search engines? That might help. Otherwise it’s sometimes helpful to check out the scholarship books from the library.

    Are you in college? Sometimes you can get your department to sponsor you or find grants for you.

    I guess the last option would be loans… (but nobody wants those!) But you definately have to go on this “mission.” It sounds really great. I wish you the best of luck!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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