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    I’m starting a thread for some of you to share your interview questions so that others can see what experiences you all had.

    What questions have you been asked? What preparation tips would you offer?


    I’ll post a few now and add more as I rememeber them. Preparation tips; wirte out your answers to basic questions and say them outloud to someone. Make sure they sound right and flow easily. Read the paper or news magazines so you are familiar with current events. (although I was never asked about them, some people are!) Know why you want to go to each school and what you think you have ot offer them!

    -Why medicine?
    -Why now? (I’m a nontrad)
    -What kind of clinical experience do you have?
    -What kind of doctor do you want to be?
    -Tell me about a difficult experience while volunteering at the hospital. How did you handle it?
    -Why so many undergrad institutions? (relo’s!)
    -What do you think is one of the major difficulties that physicians face?
    -What will you do if med school is too hard and you are failing? (tutor tutor tutor!)
    -Who are your major influences/who do you look up to?
    -Why this med school?
    -What will you bring to this med school as a student?
    -What is an advantage of being a nontrad? mother?
    -Tell me about yourself! (I hate this one. I recommend having a 2 sentence summary that they can ask follow up questions from)
    -specific questions about the school, like “what do you think of problem based learning, etc. Read the school websites!!!

    I’ll try to remember more if this helps. Oh yeah, go to and read the Interview Feedback site. People post specific info about their interviews at each school. very helpful because some schools have a definite “interview personality” and you an be prepared for those questions.



    I have read that some people are asked what did they score of their SAT’. Anyone know why?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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