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    Hi all! I am a 51 yr old who will be starting med school in 2003. I have a long history in the medical field-started out as a RN in 1974, got a BS in 1977. Became a nurse practitioner in 1984 and then a certified nurse midwife in 1993.
    I have 3 kids, a 25 yr old son married in Portland, Or; a 21 yr old son going to school in Atlanta, Ga and a 17 yr old daughter at home who will graduate next year. I have loved being a parent and decided I couldn’t cut med school with any of them still at home. However, next year, for the first time in 26 yrs, I won’t have any kids at home and will be free to finally finish my career goals.
    I am in rural northern Michigan so love being able to read the forum to see what other colleagues are doing.



    Hello and welcome!

    My name is Angel and I just joined here myself. I am your sons age, but still a “non-trad”. 🙂

    It’s very inspiring to hear your story. Someday I hope to bring medicine overseas to underserved people groups. It seems like such a long way away (I am only a college), but when I see the patience women like you have endured to follow your dream, I realize that when I finish I will still have plenty of years to devote to service. Again, inspiring.
    Would love to hear more about why you want to become a doctor after so many years in other roles. (if you’d like to share)

    Glad to have another determined woman on board!



    Hi Angel. Most of my “delay” in getting to med school was geographical. I had to leave the area to go to school to become a NP and nurse midwife. I was married at the time so it wasn’t a problem. But I didn’t want to be away from my kids as much as it would take for med school and wasn’t interested in moving them from their school and friends.
    I enjoyed being an RN and loved my role as a nurse practitioner and certified nurse midwife. But my whole life-the more I have learned, the more I wanted to keep learning.
    And working in those advanced practice roles will certainly keep me from being so nervous in med school. Especially OB. 🙂
    I have travelled all over the world and my goal is to practice in an underserved country. Maybe someday you will run into a granny doctor in the jungle and it will be me!!
    Best of luck to you.



    Where have you travelled in the world? Where can you see yourself serving abroad?

    I have spent time South Africa, India (north and south), Sri Lanka, and Singapore so far. Wish the list was longer.

    Right now in my undergrad I think I am going to pick a region and language to focus on. I really would like to get involved in an ongoing medical mission project overseas soon. I am not sure which region to focus on yet. I have been taking Arabic (LOVE the language) but my husband is not comfortable with travelling to the mid-east with me, or the idea of me going alone. Loved India, but hubby isn’t as comfortable there as I am. Darn. So, because of mutual interest in South America, I am thinking that might be a good choice. Plus, there is plenty of people here for my husband and I to practice our Spanish with in the meantime. (as opposed to Arabic)

    I think that being fluent in a 2nd language and having invested time in a particuar region during my undergrad will demonstrate my desire to serve in “underserved” areas to the med schools I hope to apply to…What do you think???

    I think that simply saying it is my desire will not be enough.

    -Appreciate your thoughts!




    Thanks for posting your age! I turned 40 in January and decided to start living my dream. I am unable to admit to family and friends that I am taking post-bacc classes for medical school. It was easier to tell them that I am going to nursing school.

    I taught elementary school for nine years and then burned out. I have always wanted to go to medical school, but lacked the confidence. Well age 40, a bad marriage, and the events of Sept.11th forced me to evaluate my life. I decided to go for it 😀 I want to become an OB/GYN. Is this specialty too much for an older student? I would like to hear from anyone? Thanks


    Hi Imperia,
    I am an RN and mom.Actually mom first. Also turned 40 and taking MCAT in april. You have an amazing credentials and in my view you will be an asset to any medical community.
    Where in India were you located? I am from India . Are you in med school?
    Keep it up. 🙂


    Hi Imperia (and Odyssey)!

    I will be an RN/BAN next year and I’m having a very difficult time deciding if I want to be a CNM or OB/GYN. I’m leaning towards premed right now (it’s a better fit for my personality and skills), but I really like the flexibility and patient care focus of nursing. What made you decide to go premed after nursing? What can you tell me about the dynamic differences between midwives and OBs? Is midwife insurance just as proportionally astronomical? I’m so full of questions!

    It would be great to hear from you (you can PM me too)!
    Thank you and good luck with your pursuits!

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