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    (i sorta put this post under the wrong heading by mistake :p *newbie alert*)

    hi all!

    i’m a 1st year medical science student in australia, turning 19 in a few months. i missed out on med school by 1.5 marks last year, so i’m trying again. right now, i’m waiting to see if i get an interview. all you wonderful women, with your inspiring lives and determination to get into medicine, seriously play a big part in my staying motivated! i feel like such a kid, whinging about my little problems, when motherhood, marriage, medicine and all the rest of it are juggled daily by so many of you. i doubt so much sometimes, wondering a) will i make it in? b)can i be a good enough mother/wife/daughter/friend while being a doctor?and c) AM i doctor material? sometimes it feels like i’m the only person with these fears and worries…thank goodness for mommd! getting a little tired of drowning in what-ifs 😀 i’m looking forward to reading more of what you all have to offer.

    thanks so much for sharing your joy and sadness 🙂


    Hi Riane,

    Best of luck with your application this year. You were so close to getting in and I’m sure you’ll have better luck this time.

    Don’t let the fact that you missed out last year get you down- the selection process can be so arbitrary sometimes and they often get it wrong. It doesn’t mean that you are not medical student material!!!! On the contrary I would say that you have such a strong drive to succeed that you most certainly ARE medical student material. Whatever you do, don’t let your self esteem take a beating. I have several friends who didn’t get in the first time they tried but aced it on the second time round.

    One of my close friends in 1st year here at monash did not get in the first year she applied, and having known her personally, I can say that she will make a better doctor than most of the others in our course. She bombed out on the UMAT though, and that’s why she didn’t get in. But she tried again, and got about 3 offers the second time round. Clearly, the selection panels got it wrong in her case, and this makes me think that it has happened many times.

    Yet there are some others in this course who got 99.95’s and just cruised into med, who, to be brutally honest, I would not want for my doctor if they were the last trained physician on the planet as they are so insensitive and close minded. Either they sent their identical twin to the interview or their marks were so brilliant that the faculty couldn’t keep them out.
    It is clear that some who got in are not medical student material at all!

    And of those of us who did, it is a question we ask ourselves all of the time. Sometimes I lay awake at night wondering if I have got what it takes. I think that in truth, it isn’t necessarily something you either have or you don’t have- it’s something you develop.

    I believe that if you have the drive to succeed- if you really want to become a great doctor- you WILL get there and you will do it. I don’t think any of us come into the course with the coping skills and the stamina we need- we learn it along the way.

    Once again, best of luck for the selection process ahead. If you have any questions about the interview processes at particular universities, or if you are coming to Monash for an interview and want a friendly guide, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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