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    Hello again,

    Just wanted to give some background on this forum. This forum is just about a week old and replaces several of our old forums where we had several thousand messages. It should get going and be totally excellent. We’ve had over 3000 of you coming through this forum but only 70 join. Consider joining us and making for great chat and learning.

    Please all introduce yourselves so we can become one big happy family!!

    MomMD Founder

    dr . suzdr. suz

    Hi. Just a quick intro. My name is Susan, I just graduated from UCSF medical school and am about to start my pediatric residency at Mt. Sinai in NYC. I’m both excited and scared! I don’t know what to expect from residency but if the rumors are true…I’ll stop by when I can!

    Mary B-B ToBeDocMary B-B ToBeDoc

    Hi everyone!

    Sethina, I was just now able to log in and I say the new site looks great! For those of you who’ve been at MomMD for the past few years, you know how great this is…the membership has grown to the point of needing this new site. It’s the result of Sethina’s efforts. (Thanks!)

    I’m in the process of applying to med school now. I’ve designed my own post-bacc program at a satellite of Penn State (with a terrific pre-med advisor) and have previous degrees in fine arts (BFA, MFA). There are several women on Mom MD with arts backgrounds, so please reintroduce yourselves if you haven’t already. Anyhow, I’ve gotten to do some clinical research, shadow, tutor, and volunteer. It’s quite a process, but something I’ve always wanted to do.

    We also have 2 sons (ages 12 & 9). My husband is a programmer and we plan to sell our house, hopefully buy a house, and move when I get into med school. We’ve also done a lot of family camping trips…for the past 2 years, that’s included “drop me off at the closest med school” for a few hours (while my husband takes the children on a different adventure). I’ve gotten to look around, tour informally, and sometimes had an appointment with another older student at a med school. Now that I’m applying, I wish I could have seen even more schools! Who else here is applying this year? Good luck eveyone!



    Hi everyone-

    I hope we’ll get to engage in some great conversation in these forums. I’m about to turn 25 and am applying to medical school next yr for fall 2004. I graduated from Barnard College in 199 with a degree in biochemistry. Been working fulltime for a wall street firm in a completely different field but medicine was always my dream. Took the april 2002 mcat and am planning on doing additional coursework this fall/next spring before applying. I live in NYC.



    Hi y’all-

    I’m a 4th med student at University of Vermont with 2 kids. My daughter is 27 months and my son is 7 months old. My husband is an internist looking to retire from medicine after I finish my training, which will hopefully be done before I reach retirement age myself;) Just kidding…actually, both my husband & I are in our early 30’s, but he’s interested in going into business or law.


    I introduced myself below in the parenting forum, but I’ll bite again.

    I’m 32 and am the sahm to three children (7,6 and 3). I recently finished my MS in mol biology and have been taking time off to spend with the kids. My husband also recently finished a rather malignant ID fellowship and we are all trying to recover from that as well!

    I look forward to getting to know everyone.

    What would you think about having a forum just for introductions? These intros tend to get lost in the posts……….

    just a thought…


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