Is medical school right for me? Please help I’m trying to get my life together.

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    Shelby WhiteShelby White

    I’m still in my undergrad, however, I’m coming to the point where I need to start preparing for the MCAT and med school applications. I’ve been struggling a lot with deciding between medical school or another path (I’ve been considering speech pathology programs and chiropractic programs). I don’t have any close female doctor connections and was hoping someone here could help me decide if this was the right path for me. Here are some of the things that I’ve been debating:
    1) Kids/Family (This is the main one)
    I know that in my life I want to have a very involved relationship with my (future) kids and family. I want to be able to pick them up from school, take them to practices, and all that sort of stuff. Not a complete stay at home mom, but I definitely want to have the sort of job where I don’t have to work late hours. This is incredibly important to me because when I think about my future, being a great mom and homemaker is what matters most to me. I also worry that with medical school it would be hard to get married and start having kids while in school or residency. I feel like this forum could give me a lot of insight on this and what sort of specialties make it easiest to have this lifestyle as well as a great career.
    2) Difficulty
    I’m still in my undergrad as I said before. I’m majoring in neuroscience which is very difficult and many of my advisors say it’s great prep for medical school because of the rigor of the program. I have been struggling a lot with burnout, especially as I’ve been getting through organic chemistry and biology. I get really discouraged and find it hard to do my work because I feel like I understand nothing. I worry that in medical school I will feel the same way and I’m not sure if I’ll want to put myself through so much more of that feeling. The one thing that might help me in medical school is the things I enjoy learning about most and don’t make me feel like I’m miserable are things like the body systems. I’m not sure if that would help me in medical school or not though.

    Also, I have been thinking about earning my D.O rather than going the traditional medical school route. Will this make the route to being a doctor any easier? Or is it a pretty similar experience? Thank you so much to anyone who answers this I know it’s a lot.

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