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    …Without the Government Telling You You’re an Epidemic

    Thoughts, anyone? Links to the controversial commercials are in the post.


    Haven’t seen the commercials, but overall I’m in the “all publicity is good publicity ” camp… As someone who has been overweight/obese most of her adult life, I must say I don’t think I’d personally be offended by those commercials – no more so than I was by the woman smoking through her trach when I was a smoker. It is what it is – shocking? Sometimes. Uncomfortable to discuss? Often. An important public and individual health problem? Always.

    Re: advertising directed toward kids vs adults – a sensitive topic… I wonder if the ads were meant more for adults or kids? I try very hard to use words like “healthy” and “active” with my girls in fear of cultivating unhealthy eating/body imagery through one careless word – am I too sensitive to this, or not sensitive enough? My 6 yo dtr came out the other morning and asked me if she was beautiful because of her outfit and hair bows. I told her she is beautiful because of her head and her heart not because of her clothes or accessories… Kids pick up on our (and public) attitudes toward thi so easily, I guess I can see how folks may get upset with a frank commercial.

    I’m so glad at least Medicare is finally paying attention, as they now reimburse for obesity visits – something I hope to start using soon. (

    Curious to hear thoughts of others!


    I am glad that obesity visits are going to be covered. That is truly a step in the right direction It seems kind of ridiculous to think that people are overweight simply because they are uneducated about the topic or that 30 seconds of anything will be helpful. It makes me think of this:


    Taxing certain foods is not how to solve this problem. People who desire junk food will still buy junk food.

    I think one way to solve this is to keep people knowledgeable about how being overweight affects your body. Encouraging people to not live completely sedentary lifestyles. This education must start as early as possible and must not end at talk, children need to be active at school and home.

    There is also the aesthetic aspect. Apparently, some overweight people consider their unhealthy bodies to be as attractive as the bodies of people who are fit. I think that is a very bad view to have, but apparently not everyone does.


    What’s wrong with providing a good example to your kids? Get up off your butts, stop watching TV, quit eating at McDonald’s, and take a walk or something. When Dad eats 6 hamburgers for dinner, Junior is probably getting 3 of his own. This is no longer medical obesity; it’s a family pattern. I see very little wrong with an ad telling parents, essentially, to break the pattern.


    Really obesity among children is very threatening not just for they health but also this may subject to bullying and this will leave a big impact on they emotional aspect. (emotional problem is hard to cure)


    Obesity has become very common but danger problem among the children. Let me tell you one thing that parents are the big role model for the children. If parents will take care about what their children are doing in school or high schools then they will sure be not in danger at all. Also there education will be a lot better if their eating habits controlled.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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