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    Hi everyone,
    So I am starting my job search for beginning of next year. It seems there is a recruiter who talks to me for 30-40 min and then presents the CV to either another recruiter or medical staff for more review. I am looking to work as a hospitalist. Just curious to know how many people do I talk to before I get a real physical interview? I have some time as I am still completing residency so, it appears this whole process is real slow…


    Recruiters come with baggage. If you are attached to a recruiter, your future employer will have to pay more to hire you than another candidate, as they are paying them a finders fee.
    I have had 4 job offers already and I’ve only just begun my final year of residency. The best way to find work is to speak to people you already know. Reach out to mentors from your medical school clerkships, touch base with attendings at your current program. I’m sure someone will hire you if they know you well and have worked with you for years. People like to know what they’re getting.
    Additionally, I obtained hospitalist interviews by speaking to hospitals directly, cold calling, showing up with my CV, and meeting with groups who hire within the institutions in which I am interested.
    As with everything in this field, it will come to you with hard work, dedication, and sacrifice (and knocking on a lot of doors!)
    Best of luck to you!


    Recruiters actually don’t come with baggage – if a hospital is using a recruiter they have an agreement in place and trust me the recruiter gets you to the hiring desk much faster!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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